Tuesday, 1 April 2014

The diary of Guardsman Raulke Octavian 43rd Rifles

Some of the new kits coming out of gw of late, have just been amazing.
Knights, scions, ogryns, new hydra/wyvern kit.
With rumours of another new tank and flyer to come too...it's certainly an interesting time to be a guard player.

Mentally i am jumping through hoops. I like so many of the new kits, I am hoping they will all be accessible to the Militarum Tempestus lists, but can believe they might be guard only on the whole.

If so it begs the question...MT list with allied IG and a knight. Or IG list with MT allies and a knight...the plot thickens.

Whilst stirring the pot and trying not to let it thicken too much...this kinda happened.

A little fluff for my MT/IG army.

The diary of Guardsmen Raulke 43rd Octavian Rifles

Today was the 1st day we were able to attack those stinking Orks.After three months of solid fighting were finally able to put an attack their way and by the Emperor's shiny throne was it a good day.I can still recall their feral voices in the gloom.

Slowly i crawled forwards through the dense foliage of the woodland floor. Each move rustling leaves, the sound inside my head magnified a hundred times by my heightened senses.
Surely they would hear me, surely they would expose our trap and catch us all cold.
I crept forward further, only another fifteen meters and i would be in position. Minutes pass slowly seeming like hours to my over active mind. Gradually i crawl into position, I look around and watch as the rest if my platoon takes up their positions along the banks beside the Ork encampment.
All in there are maybe fifty men from bravo platoon, mostly just lowly guardsmen, but leading this attack there are some senior guardsmen as well. On the left flank i can see Sgt.Chesham checking his men, making sure kit is secure as we do not want our position to be given away by a loose canteen rattling.On the right flank i can see Sgt.Loyden ushering the last of 3rd squad into their ambush positions, he glances over at me and smiles noticing my nervousness, it's encouraging but i still feel like a scared child.

How long has passed...only ten minutes...I do not know how long i can stand this waiting. Just laying here like a corpse waiting for the sun to rise and our moment to come.
I snap awake, oh no i fell asleep, god i hope nothings gone wrong.I check my watch...thank the Emperor only a minute or so gone.
I hear a noise to my right i pray it is not a Ork, slowly i look over and see it's only guardsmen Holt shifting uncomfortably.

04:45hours only five minutes to go until will launch our ambush on the Ork camp.I can hear them rousing, the guttural barks as they rouse their warriors.The smell is suffocating like decomposing meat and the smell of a thousand unwashed bodies.
I hear a noise ahead, glancing up i see a huge Ork strolling towards me. Oh no, oh no. he will see us and raise the alarm.I start to raise my lasgun ready to fire,20 more paces and he will be on top of us. Out of the corner of my eye i see Loyden wave me down, his signals telling me not too fire. I lower my lasgun and start to pray. The Ork stops a few meters away and starts to sniff the air. I am sure we are going to be discovered, but then he just turns away and heads back into camp.

04:49 hours.I reach down and clip my bayonet onto the lugs of my lasgun, slowly I check my webbing to ensure everything is done up nice and tight.I slide the safety off my gun and prepare to move, all along the line fifty other souls do the same. I mutter a quick prayer for the safe keeping of my soul to the Emperor.

04.50hours With a screaming war cry we launch our ambush on the Orks, I leap up out of my position and start to move forward, all fear is gone I only feel the rush of adrenaline.The Orks are bewildered as we charge out of the forest, most are not armed or even standing.
As I run forward I start to shoot, first to the left taking a greenskin in the jaw and sending it flying backwards into another. Then I notice another groping for a large cumbersome weapon, I drop to the floor, taking aim I start shooting whilst muttering a prayer for accuracy.
Time slows, I watch as my lasrounds buzz lazily through the early morning mist. I count several hits but the beast stays up, frantically I grope for a grenade, priming it,I hurl it towards my foe screaming 'frag out' to warn my comrades. As I watch the grenade slowly tumble through the air I pray, seconds later my prayers are answered by the concussion of the grenade .A bright blossom of smoke and flame flash out followed by mud wood and other unmentionable things.

Getting to my feet I look around, all over the forest floor lay dead and dying Orks. With a scream of triumph I realize I am alive and we have won .
Then slowly I turn and realization slams into me like a grav train. Lying just feet away is my brother. Speared through the side by a huge sword he looks like a stuffed pig, beside him is the body of a massive ork its mouth fused around the barrel of his lasgun. Behind them lie the bodies of more guardsmen, maybe 20 or more, I fall to my knees and start to cry.Why? why must good men die fighting scum like these.
I rouse from my reverie......no today was not a good day, it was just another day in another war.........