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The Octavian 43rd Rifles

Octavian 43rd Rifles

Home Worlds

The Octavian regiments come from a cluster of planets within the Octavia Cluster to the galactic east.
Towards the core part of the cluster lie several highly fertile worlds.
It is upon these worlds the Men are trained and recruited.

The core worlds of the Octavia Cluster are all under full imperial control. Some of the outer planets are still home to fighting between elements of the Octavian regiments, Fists of Dorn Astartes chapter and the remnants of Waaagh Grotsmasha.

Those planets that are clear of the orks, are fertile lands, populated by large fortified cities and military training complexes. Unlike a lot of imperial worlds though, the ruling elite of Octavia refuse to allow their worlds to descend into the state of hive worlds and manufactories.

Life on Octavia.

The Octavians are a highly martial people. From the age of 10 all children are expected to learn how to handle and fire las weaponry.
At 16 all males are required to enlist in the planetary defence forces for a minimum of 10 years. This can be extended when the home worlds are under threat.
All women are required to be proficient in fire arms, but also to maintain a standing auxiliary of trained medicae personnel. They are also expected to maintain the fertile farmlands.

Any person deemed fit and willing can leave their normal service and volunteer to join one of the Octavian Guard regiments. It is seen as a great honor and much social standing can be gained through the act.

Due to the nature of guard life, there are many orphaned children upon the worlds of the Octavian cluster. On may other worlds these waifs and strays would succumb to life they have been dealt.
But it is not so here.

Using the martial mindset of the people, the scholar Progenium set up several training academies. Constant warfare provides a steady stream of orphans into these academies. Many are tested and fail, these cast offs usually find their way into the factories and workshops of the worlds.
But for those who excel, life in the Octavian Rifles awaits.

The Octavian Rifles

To be a rifle is to be a member of the elite, within the martial lifestyle of Octavia, to be elite is to be admired. For the Rifles are the Militarum Tempestus 'storm troopers'. The best of the best of Octavias Military.
Granted the best armour, training and equipment outside of an Astartes chapter.

From their arrival at a Scholar facility. the orphaned youth of Octavia are taught and reminded about the death of their family. It is used as a conditioning tool, to hone a killing edge to an already lethal weapon. 
The regimental Commissars use Vengeance as a motivator and controlling hand over their charges.

Life as a member of the 'Militarum Tempestus' is exactly that. A life long occupation. For those lucky enough to survive into their 50th year, the training academies await. Their skills, knowledge and experience used to teach the new recruits.

Octavian Commissariat

For some of the orphans, losing their families leads them into unswerving acts of fealty. Many are found at places of worship, begging answers from the emperor as to why their families were taken. Some of these poor souls are too broken to help. Others though, seek to avenge their families, to take the fight to the enemies of mankind.
These pious young orphans nearly always end up under the scrutiny of the commissariat.
Some do not meet the exacting standards required and will go on to become the junior officers within the 'Tempestus' regiments. The rest though, go on to study, train and master the teachings of the Emperor.
Eventually when they are deemed ready, they will step out in the long black cloak of a commissar.

Octavian Commissars are somewhat different to most others though. Throughout their training they are taught that the lives of their men are not to be easily wasted.
Discourage from the typical execution mantra of most, Octavian Commissars are taught to use punishment over death.
Minor infringements are dealt with through lashings.
Major infringements are dealt with through court martial.
Cowardice however is dealt with, not through death, but dismissal.

Any soldier, be they an officer or lowly grunt. Convicted of cowardice is summarily dismissed from the Octavian Regiments. Their marks of service are removed through laser surgery. This process leaves a very obvious and very visible mark upon the soldier. On their return to their home world, these men will be treated as outcasts. Most will wander trying to find a way to make amends, the rest end up doing the most menial of tasks, clearing the city sewers, working in the slaughter houses or as servants to one of the higher families.

For the men of the rifles. A simple mantra is also their battle cry.

Blood for my vengeance, vengeance is my blood.