Tuesday, 29 July 2014

I love the smell of burning polystyrene in the evening.

So lessons learned today.
Polystyrene is messy, it also sticks to absolutely anything!!
Hot airguns make a unusual smell when introduced to polystyrene.
Rejuvenating secondhand wargames tables is a long process.

But ofcourse these lessons mean more progress has been made.

I started off by removing the top covering of old green matting.
Carving out the river and shaping the banks.
Then i lifted out the 2 land sections to reglue them to the board as they were incredible loose.
Trenches were cut in and the whole board textured up with some light passes with a hot air gun.
Finally i made a start on plastering the slope and 'pier'. The rest of the road surfaces will be added after a visit to a diy shop tomorrow.

But pics are what you all want. So here goes.

Main bridge end of the board with the gun emplacement fixed in and banks/trenches carved in. (the trench bases will be raised significantly to allow models to see out of them)

Opposite bank, where the second set of trenches are located along with the site for the 'cafe Gondree'

Now with the scenery placed but not fixed as theres lots of work to do setting the bridge height and levelling off ground.

Main bridge end with control tower, slop and gun pit, along with rough positions of telegraph lines.

Opposite bank with cafe gondree etc

Best attempt at an overhead pic (boards so big its hard to photograph)

Finally the obligatory cross  bridge pic

Thats enough fun for this evening me thinks, i need to dwell on how the hell i am going to 'make' the river look good.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Back to Bolt Action

Welcome back long suffering bloggers.

Well the last few weeks have been somewhat ... interesting.

3 weeks solid decorating and reorganising has seen me lose my hobby space. But today i got it reclaimed!!
But alas my Dropzone commander gaming group has swapped nights and left me in limbo.

So in an attempt not to lose the decent turn of painting i have had this year, i thought i would turn my attention back to my Warlord Games Bolt Action stuff.
I have a tournament in september.
But today was not about that.

Today i took an old relic of a gaming board and introduced it to some violent force with a claw hammer.

It started the day looking like this.

After a few hours spent hacking at it with a claw hammer to remove the 'scenery', followed by some serious photo observation, research and marker pen/ruler time.
It began to look like this

Now this is all in order to finally get me working on my Pegasus bridge model.

With some basic components in place, you get the idea of where i am heading

I hope eventually to have something that resembles this. A long way above what i can achieve but i can aspire.

So thats the plan....only time will tell if i succeed or fail.