Monday, 23 June 2014

Dropzone commander kicking off

Well the last couple of weeks have been fun.
I have got into a little group who are taking up dropzone commander by hawk wargames. What a fantastic little gem this game is.

The big upshot of the event has painting.

Yes you read that right...i have painted.

I have finished off both my UCM and Scourge forces from the 2 player starter box. The UCM were posted earlier in the blog. So heres some pics of my scourge...along with a few fun pics.

Both starter box forces side by side.

UCM Rapiers take aim at an emerging scourge dropship

But will they react in time as scourge hunter tanks prepare a volley of their own

Mean while the UCM legionnairs and Scourge Warriors engage in a ferocious firefight across the rooftops

Well thats it for pics for now. I hope you like!