Monday, 31 March 2014

2 wargames 1 box 1 month

Incoming message......

Terran High Command priority directive to all forces within the Octavian cluster....

Immediate course corrections required..

All available forces to attain orbit above Octavia Secundus.....

Reports of waaaagh grot-grabba massing...

Immediate action sanctioned....

The emperor protects 

There is a temptation to hide my failures of recent times, to cherry pick the posts on here and delete the rest of the evidence of my ADOS or Hobby ADD.

But i will refrain. Hopefully in an effort to shame myself into painting and completing what has begun today.

Myself and Carol are determined to get back into 40k. Carol wants to go for vanilla marines of some chapter or other, once she settles on the colours.
 Me i have hit rock bottom on the hobby front. So i am going for a mental reset. Marines are my safety blanket, but they also bore me to tears when painting.
I don't dig xenos really. Chaos ain't my cup of tea either.
So I am surrendering to the rule of cool. I like the new scion models, i like the Taurox prime (stop that sniggering back there), i like the ogryns and the knights. I also like the valk and vendetta. 
Mentally i can relate down to a guardsmens view of the world and there is an abundance of inspiration in movies and books. Heck i cant watch aliens/starship troopers or any decent war film without going all gibbly and wanting to do a guard army. But the ordinary guard figures don't really hit the spot and Forgeworlds stuff is kinda expensive for the budget at the moment.
So with all that in mind...the Scions are the obvious choice.

This time it's for real. I have gotten really miffed at myself over the last week or so. So i have to stick to my guns, stick to an army and do it to completion.

This is it will see an army. I will finally do more than just clean the fecking mold lines off. That or else i will quit wargaming once and for all.