Monday, 31 March 2014

2 wargames 1 box 1 month

Incoming message......

Terran High Command priority directive to all forces within the Octavian cluster....

Immediate course corrections required..

All available forces to attain orbit above Octavia Secundus.....

Reports of waaaagh grot-grabba massing...

Immediate action sanctioned....

The emperor protects 

There is a temptation to hide my failures of recent times, to cherry pick the posts on here and delete the rest of the evidence of my ADOS or Hobby ADD.

But i will refrain. Hopefully in an effort to shame myself into painting and completing what has begun today.

Myself and Carol are determined to get back into 40k. Carol wants to go for vanilla marines of some chapter or other, once she settles on the colours.
 Me i have hit rock bottom on the hobby front. So i am going for a mental reset. Marines are my safety blanket, but they also bore me to tears when painting.
I don't dig xenos really. Chaos ain't my cup of tea either.
So I am surrendering to the rule of cool. I like the new scion models, i like the Taurox prime (stop that sniggering back there), i like the ogryns and the knights. I also like the valk and vendetta. 
Mentally i can relate down to a guardsmens view of the world and there is an abundance of inspiration in movies and books. Heck i cant watch aliens/starship troopers or any decent war film without going all gibbly and wanting to do a guard army. But the ordinary guard figures don't really hit the spot and Forgeworlds stuff is kinda expensive for the budget at the moment.
So with all that in mind...the Scions are the obvious choice.

This time it's for real. I have gotten really miffed at myself over the last week or so. So i have to stick to my guns, stick to an army and do it to completion.

This is it will see an army. I will finally do more than just clean the fecking mold lines off. That or else i will quit wargaming once and for all.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

A day of reckoning

Been a quiet couple of weeks.
Though in hobby terms the chaos continues in my life.

A new dog arrived in our home last night. Poor little soul is 6 months old, a Romanian street dog. His name is Pirate, it's apt really. This morning he had stolen my shoes, most of the dog toys and our sofa for a bed. But he deserves any break he can get whilst we foster him.

But that aside this is a hobby blog.

Or is it just a location for the outside world to stare through the little glass window into the mind of a wargamer suffering from chronic HobbyADD.

Anyone who reads this blog, follows me on twitter or knows me, knows the battle i seem to be fighting constantly.
Over the last few months a few positive steps have been made. Most games have been sectioned away into darkness in an effort to focus on 40k,x-wing and firestorm armada.

That's a positive. What isn't though is the chaos in my mind over a 40k army. This year has seen space wolves,flesh tearers,tau,necrons and a loving eye cast over the new guard stuff.

Normally I would just project hop, but the reality and maybe a bit of adult in me coming out. Has said enough is enough, focus in on 1-2 armies at most, make a call and stop wasting so much on these false starts.

The problem is, I just don't know how.

I don't seem to be able to find that thread that all good armies are latched onto. I am not stressed over world domination, losing is just part of the game. But to lose I need an army. To have an army I need the ADD controlled.

Maybe this is just a ranty plea for help, maybe its more. Who knows in the darkness of this demented wargamers mind.

Any of you poor blog readers out there, anyone with any advice on addressing Hobby ADD or Hobby Butterfly syndrome....If you have the magical cure, or a good way to combat it...please.


Monday, 17 March 2014

Miniature Mondays and productivity

Well it's been an interesting start to 2014.
I have already exceeded the completed model count of 2013 and we are only 3 months in.
I have several projects on the go, being able to switch and swap about has kept me painting along happily and more importantly...without the usually arrrgh fail boredom.

The last few weeks have seen me waiting on Firestorm Armada. Talk about a saga, getting the game dispatched wasn't such a bad thing. But once a certain company by the name of City Link got hold of it....well lets just say. Avoid them like the plague. I was lied to, misinformed and generally led a merry chase for 5 days. But thankfully it's here now.

So with that on the burner i now have Tau, Space Wolves, British Airbourne, Terran and Directorate Fleets and the £5 wargamer challenge.

My main focus in coming days will the £5 challenge as they need to be done and re listed on ebay by the end of the month.

But i do have some goodies to show off.

First up, 4 Pathfinders who also got to hang out with their big bro. Sadly this is the most painted units i have had for 40k in many years!

And finally a wip of my Directorate Battleship for Firestorm Armada.

I have to say this. On receiving my Firestorm Armada stuff, i was highly impressed. They are beautiful models with no imperfections, very little flash and great detail. I can't wait to actually try the game out.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

A time of change and returning to the old ways

Well what an interesting few weeks we have seen in wargaming.

I very nearly quit just over a week ago. No gaming ground me down, some critical comments about game hopping from my better half, all lead to a point of complete disillusion.

But it also made me stop and think.
Then a few blog posts cropped up from people. Things like being pro GW and no ashamed of it, putting the fun back into gaming etc. Then the people at GW hit us with the new knight model.

Well sometimes events like that are all it takes.
A couple of months ago i tried to switch to a limited number of games, but like most new years resolutions if went tits up. But i am back at that point once again.
The games of choice are Firestorm Armada and good ol 40k.
The positive this time, is that Carol (my long suffering gamer chick fiancee) is actually enthused by these games and wants to play!!! Eureka!

So where has that left me.

Well a good think, a little trial and error and some fond memories lead my along a convoluted path back to the 1 army i always return to. The Space Wolves and hey lets face it...when it comes to putting the FUN back into cant beat a bunch of rabble rousing, beer swilling, vikings on a galaxy wide rampage...oh and it also gives me an excuse to drink loads of beer and grow a beard haha.

I am also commiting to playing firestorm armada (the board can double for beer and pretzels x-wing too). I am just waiting for the stuff to arrive to try the game out (v2 FSA is kinda hard to get as its exploded in popularity).

All this madness though has had a some positive results too!
Some planets for FSA and a brand new kitbashed Wolf Lord have come into being. The planets are finished, the wolf lord is a very wip. But here, enough words!! have some pics

FSA/X-wing planets

Want more....
well here's the Wolf Lord.

Detail pic of my first ever attempt at sculpting a fur cloak

and finally with a little paint work started

So there we have it...I am back where i belong, At the gates of the Fang!