Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Who let the devil dog out who who who who who

So it's been a bit too long since my last post.
But i found a bunch of gamers, that fit in with my available time and they play the games i like.
What...impossible you say. Well...it really happened.
They even play Infinity. Which is awesome because i got swept up in the Gencon release and ended up with a USAriadna army pack and gencon exclusive Roger Van Zant (think the cool and supremely bad ass American dude from Reign of Fire).

So i got painting since gencon at my usually slow speed. But have finished the Devil dog off. If your not up to speed with infinity. Think domesticated Werewolf. I also got some early progress on the rest of the force. End results are something like this thus far

And get this ...last night. I actually played a GAME!! With real living people and terrain and stuff. The shock was so bad, i only took one pic. But what follows is a small attempt at a noobs look battle report in my usual someone...personal style.

So the game went down. Not sure what the mission is called but we played an its mission where you had to sync and escort a model into the enemy deployment zone.
My opponent was using Yu Jing. Tallying in at 247pts. Seemed like a mostly elite force with only 7 or 8 orders. But im still too new to know what he was using.

My US ariadna was made up of

Roger Van Zant - executive order
2 grunt paramedics
Grunt Lt
Maverick with molotock
Devil dog team with heavy shotgun.
fox trot with rifle and mines.
Minute man with rifle + 2 light flamethrowers
Marauder Paramedic
Dozer with rifle and akrylat Kanone.

He deployed first as this was very much a learning game and i went first.
I set my devil dog team, minuteman, 112 down the edge of left side of the table escorting the objective (figuring the 112 could offer medic assistance)
I set the foxtrot up in camo covering a slightly off centre road way with the Marauder paramedic just to his right in cover.
On the opposite side of the road i set the maverick up with a supporting grunt medic in cover. Then the right corner of the board i had the engineer, grunt lt, and grunt paramedic on the roof of a building.

The first turn saw my devil dog team advancing down the table edge facing off against 2 yu jing. Shots were traded but the result was only a single would on the devil dog. My minuteman climbed to the top of a crate stack, took aim at a yu jing trooper on the opposite side of the board and shook him up enough that he went prone. He then climbed down off the crates and synced to the objective and scuttled forward. The rest of my force shifted to better cover positions and exchanged a few shots to no avail.
The yu jing mostly shifted positions and traded ineffective shots with the USAriadna forces.

Turn 2 saw me start to try and apply pressure. The devil dogs exhanged fire with a yu jing trooper with a shotgun, inflicting a would on the trooper. I then moved up shaking off the ARO's that came my way before systematically tearing the shotgun trooper apart. The minuteman scooted forward to just past the mid table point along with the 112. Whilst the foxtrot and marauder held position. My maverick popped smoke to aid the guys moving up the left of the board. The rooftop troops on the right  exchanged shots with some yu jing opposite them and the grunt lt hit the deck and went prone in fright. Van Zant parachuted into an open building, then snuck round on a yu jung trooper in the next room before levelling him in a hail of gunfire.
In response the yu jing poored shots into my rooftop guys to no avail, a ninja appeared just around the corner from my maverick. The yu jin trooper who was prone on the rooftop on my left moved up to the front edge of the roof and went into suppression fire. The another close combat specialist popped out of the ground floor of the same building, shot at the antipode and wounded it before charging in. Confident he could tackle the devil dog. A mistake he didnt live to regret as he promptly became dog chow.

Turn 3.
I tried to view the risks and rewards of order process. Skipping the mavericks imp order. With the devildog team i used their super jump to leap to the rooftop holding the trooper in suppression fire. Fortunately out of his LOF. The ARO's rained in to no avail. No sensing the danger he was in, the yu jing trooper ignored the screams of 'he's behind you' and waited for a shot. It never came as he was summarily torn apart by the devildog and antipode who scored their 3rd kill of the game. Unfortunately the swathe of ARO's they took from other troops on the way into combat finally found a chink and both the devil dog and antipode went down. But they ha cleared the way.
The maverick moved up and traded shots with the newly revealed ninja. Wounding it before succumbing in a second firefight with it. The rooftop grunt (former lt) and paramedic hunkered down and the engineer kept waving his pom poms.The foxtrot finally made himself known finishing off the wounded ninja who had taken the maverick out.
On the left flank the minuteman hauled the objective into the enemy deployment zone, but as he crossed the last stretch of open ground he was cut down. The 112 shuffled closer to the edge of the gap before launching his medkit at the minuteman. Would it be a cous de grais or a healing angel. The dice bounced and the minuteman stood up, nodding a thank you to the 112. With the game in the bag and 4 orders left there was only one thing for it.
Bursting from his cover he traded shots and Aro's with the now retreating Yu Jing. Cutting down the first in his path, before a prolonged gun fight with another in cover. The first exchange wounding RVZ. In his dogged state his aim wavered, but with the last order of the game he cut down his tormentor.

As the dust settled and the evac birds were called in, a lone yu jing trooper slipped away through the back streets. The 'package' was though it had cost the USAriadna forces a maverick, a devil dog and an antipode.

Overall i was fairly happy with the game. My grasp of the rules improved a lot along with my understanding of the special rules my USAriadna forces had at their disposal. As soon as i saw the table i had a plan in mind. Though i must confess that my opponent was taking it easy and not playing as 'aggressive' as he normally would. I also made a disgustingly high number of armour saves for the devil dog on turn 1 and in many games he would have been dead before he could whimper.

Of course no report or the likes is complete without at least 1 pic. So here it is....
In your best pantomime voices
On 3 are your ready.
He's behind you!!!!!!