Saturday, 5 April 2014

Militarum Tempestus Scions review

Ok, so the plastic has barely stopped crinkling after being shredded from the box and i feel now is the best time to do an unboxing/review of the contents.

Simple enough affair with the new 'darker' style. Front has mandatory nice pic with the back showing alternate builds along with a suggested paint guide.

A surprise and refreshing change. Lots and lots of pics, step by step guides on every variant build and the final page has the stats minus the points cost of the command squad variant and basic squad variant.

First impression...Crammed to the hilt. GW have certainly tried to squeeze your monies worth onto the sprues. There are 2 sprues included. 5 set of legs with 3 being cut off at the knee for a little more pose variance. 5 torsos are included along with a lovely cloak for an officer.
There's 5 backpacks, a mix of combat weapons including a really nice power fist that has some exposed pistons on the back. There is a nice touch on the chainsword with it having 'sergant' stripes on it.
There are also multiple weapons for each of the squad/command variants. Though only 1 volley gun :(.
There are a few additional nice little touches like holstered hellguns, cool little knives. the obligatory canteens and pouches....oh and 17 heads!!! yep lots of spares including 9 beret heads for those wanting extras for their regular guard models.
One little touch is the attention to detail on the armour. It looks like there is a intentional link between the scion armour and the knight armour. 

Plenty of options, extras and nice little touches. A clear and well laid out instruction manual. Some will argue that the box is overpriced (same old gw argument that has been going on for years). But the truth is, you get a bucket load of bits to kitbash onto ordinary guard models and vehicle crews.

I am more than happy with the cost/parts ration and look forward to getting on and assembling some models.

For the Emperor!!

Blood for my vengeance, vengeance is my blood.

Oh you want pics of the shinnies...ok.


Instruction Manual

Basic Scion Sprue

Scions 'command' sprue

Enjoy folks!