Sunday, 6 April 2014

Militarum Tempestus scions. Assembly and onwards

So in a second look at the new Militarum Tempestus Scions set, I wanted to talk about the assembly of the models and general quality.

Mould Lines.
Nothing sinister and in many places very few are far between. Very good castings all round.

The parts all fit together nicely, with the aid of the clear instructions, it's a nice kit to assemble. But it's not a joy. Simpy because of the weapon arms. They have 3 points of contact. Left wrist, right wrist and power cables. It might not sound too much trouble. But the wrists are shaped to a precise fit, which can be a pain to line up when your trying to position both arms whilst ensuring the power cables meet up.
In the end the simplest way i found was to glue the Right arm to the weapon. Then you can line up the whole arm/weapon with the power cable and finally postion the left arm.

The models looked fantastic on the sprues and again, once cleaned of minor mould lines and assembled, they still look great. Lots of options and minor details that could easily be missed.

Bits for kitbashes.
Well simply put...bucket loads. I went with a basic 5 man team. 3 scions with hellguns, 1 with volleygun and a tempestor with the cool powerfist and bolt pistol.
This left me with...well the pic says enough.

For now i will sign off with a final couple of pics.

Trooper Raulke of the 43rd Octavian Rifles