Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Decision, decisions, decisions.

So that time is coming closer.
Over the next few weeks we will see the new scions, taurox and Militarum Tempestus codex, followed by the hydra/wyvern dual kit, ogryns/bullgryns and the Astra Militaurm (ig) codex.

It's interesting times for those of us with an interest in the lowly men of the guard. The bravest of human souls to defend humanity.

But with those new shinnies comes an avalanche of options and unanswered questions.

Singular MT or AM forces. Combined elements of both, if so which way...MT with AM allies or AM with MT allies. The only certain element is that both will feature and a knight will join also.

I cant remember a time when there was this sort of choice to face for those of us with a desire to do guard. The options are all viable. The choices unknown, especially in regards to the contents of the MT book.

Like i said....

Interesting times.

Another little fluff tale for my upcoming force.

The sky was beginning to darken, the first signs of night approaching.Rain was falling slantwise, driven by the howling wind as bravo platoon continued their sweep of the surrounding woodlands.
At the front of the straggling line of sodden guardsmen walked Elias Raulke. Not a happy guardsmen today was Raulke. For the third time in a row he pulled the point job, or sandbag as most knew it. Peering through the gathering gloom and driving rain he struggled to observe the route ahead.
Listening was of no use with the wind howling through the trees, you could have walked a titan past 3rd platoon and they would never have known. Like the rest of bravo platoon he was beyond the point of fatigue.

Further down the line struggling against the wait of his comm link came trooper Clarke. Fresh off the training fields Clarke was as green as they came and he felt none of the fatigue, just the enthusiasm of the new recruit.
Behind him came the platoons Sergeant Max Loyden, a ten year veteran of the guard, admired by his men he was a true leader.
Raising his clenched fist he signalled the platoon to halt, then with a quick snapping gesture he signalled them to break off the trail and into cover. As fast as they could the men dived into the cover at the trails edge.
Stomping down the trail came around a hundred orks accompanied by a few of their smaller dreadnoughts know as killer kans.
Guardsmen Raulke squirmed further back into cover and started to pray to the Emperor for salvation.
Further down the line guardsmen Clarke slid the safety off his lasgun and prepared to fire. Loyden noticing this tried to stop him but it was already too late, he was up and firing towards the orks.
The rest of bravo platoon knew they were in trouble, they were outnumbered and out gunned at least two to one.With a screaming battle cry the rest of bravo platoon opened fire, creating a firestorm of death amongst the orks as they milled in confusion.
A few of the orks had gathered their wits and were stating to return fire at the guardsmen, along with the kans which were already starting to cut down men like wheat.
Panic and fear started to spread through the men like wild fire, disorganised they stared to back away from the orks. What started as a withdrawal rapidly became a full blown route as the orks took advantage of the situation.
Running as fast as they could bravo platoon fled into the woodland, disappearing like mist.

Back at Granacia Prime news of bravo platoons fate was being flashed through the comm system, already the massive defence guns were redirecting their fire towards the last know location of bravo platoon. Sweating servitors loaded macro shells into the gargantuan guns and reported ready to fire. In the command bunker Captain Thaine, Commander of the Octavian Rifles dejectedly gave the order to commence bombardment. He knew the men of bravo platoon well and would miss them. He only hoped that some had got clear and would not be caught in the bombardment.
On the north wall unaware of the fate befalling bravo platoon, two sentries stood looking out over the plains outside their city. Watching as the massive defence guns opened fire one of them said 'somebody is getting a pasting  tonight'

48 hours later

There was a commotion outside the main gates of the city, men were running towards the walls shouting. Alarmed Thaine headed towards the command bunker and ordered the vid screens to focus outside the main gates. Augmented servitors half man half machine obeyed and started redirecting the surveillance drones into position. Slowly a picture started to form on the screen as the drones took up position.
Expecting the worst Thaine gave the order for all batteries to arm and all men to alert stations.
Turning towards the screens Thaine was struck by a feeling of awe, as out of the western forest a line of straggling, sodden and bedraggled guardsmen were marching towards the gates.

Out of the woods guardsmen Raulke stumbled, looking up he saw the walls of Granacia Prime. A feeling of joy coursed through him, he was home, he was safe.
Never would he be able to forget his flight from the orks. What was supposed to be organised had become a rout. He could remember running for his life as the kans had started firing into the woods. He could remember the fear of being atomised as the artillery barrage had fell upon the woodland as he ran for his life.
None of it mattered now, he was alive and he was home.

Later that day.

Max Loyden marched into the command bunker, summoned from his men he knew what was coming.Smartly coming to attention he started to report to Thaine......

An hour passed and with it he finished his report, noticing as he did for the first time the man sat at the back of the command bunker. Fear and dread filled Loyden as he realised he was looking at a commissar, scared he swallowed hard.
The man stepped forward, Sergeant this is Commissar Pavlov he is here to observe these proceedings interjected Thaine, as if he read the sergeants mind.

Drawing out a bolt pistol the Commissar approached Loyden, then abruptly he spun the pistol around and handed it to the man.
'I, I do not understand' stammered Max Loyden, 'do you expect me to take my own life?'.
Laughter long, raucous and hard rang out from the body of the commissar, after a minute or so it subsided and the stern face returned.
'No sergeant i do not expect you to take your own life, but i do expect you to take the life of many more orks before this war is over. Do you understand me sergeant or should i say Lieutenant'
Shocked and amazed Lieutenant Max Loyden left the command bunker and headed back for some sleep.

'A good man' Thaine said to the commissar.
'Yes indeed. But a shame he could not return with all his men. But that is the price of war. 20 dead you say?, make sure they are replaced and make sure they are experienced men. I foresee many missions for this Loyden and his men in the future and he will need good men with him', replied Commissar Pavlov.