Friday, 11 April 2014

The march to War continues

So a couple more days have passed.

Has my motivation slipped. Nope.
Has my mind wandered off to something else. Nope.
Is my excitement building up for Bolt Action. Absofrickinglutely.

I have my order dice on their way, currently in the warp aka royal mails hands.
I am going to go buy the Armies of Great Britain book today...maybe some more shinnies.
I am desperately scrambling to get someone who plays Bolt Action to show me the game play and teach me.

My army list is still somewhere in orbit with ideas jostling away.

My head is spinning too. I need to devise some pin markers for my units..something i can mass produce as i will need a fair few.
I also need to devise a carry tray that can double for a display board for the army.

But  all this has kept me painting pretty well. I have had one evening and morning to paint, since the last blog update.

In that time..the models have taken some further steps.

Dennison Smocks have had their camo finished off.
Packs and webbing have been base coated, dry brushed and inked.

The packs need a final dry brush to finish them off. Then its onto the weapons. I hope to have that work done by Sunday evening. Then all that will be left will be flesh, helmets and lower body -legs, gaiters, boots and basing.