Wednesday, 30 April 2014

That damned royal artillery !!

So it's been a little while since the last post, but that doesn't mean i have been idle,

Ok ok i have....blame world of tanks!.

But in between screaming about hackers and the usual online gaming abuse. I have sold off most of my gw stuff. I have ordered my force for bolt action, begun work once again on my Pegasus bridge kit and...get ready for's a big one.


Yes long suffering reader...i actually played a game down at aftermath.

Needless to say i tried to take lots of pics, but typically for a phone camera, only 2 really came out.

But i have a rough battle report so read on!!!

Bolt Action British Airborne vs Russians 500pts

What can be said. Fantastic game. I plan on lining up the royal artillery and shooting them though.

 British force.
2nd lt, extra soldier both with smg's
Forward observer, extra soldier both with smg's
Light mortar team
6 man Infantry section, NCO with smg, 2man LMG team and 3 rifles.
6 man infantry section (as above)
5 man infantry section All members with SMG's
3 man Vickers MMG team.

Russian Force
2nd lt with extra man
3 infantry squads lmg, nco with smg, 7 rifles
1 free squad, 10 rifles
Heavy mortar team + spotter

Mission 1 in the book. The Russians opt to be the defenders and have to stop the British airborne units breaking through and leaving from their table edge.
The Russian deploy covering most of the base line, the heavy mortar set up in some rocks on the left, a rifle section nearby. 2 rifle squads and the hq team set up centrally in and around some woods along with the spotter and the final squad sets up to the right of the woods.
The British move on once the game starts.

My preliminary bombardment lays 1 or 2 pin markers on every squad in the Russian force and accounts for 2 dead soldiers.
My troops move on cautiously and a few crackles of gun fire erupt as men of the airborne make a dash towards some woods 12 inches onto the board.
The Russians shift about and make some slow advances. The heavy mortar obviously got dust in their eyes as they go to ground on their first order test.

Turn 2.
Some repositioning and small gun fights erupt but nothing of note. The Russian heavy mortar spots an infantry section in the open but fails to find its mark. The forward observer radios for an artillery strike as he spies out several Russian units clustered together.

Turn 3.
Incoming, the whistle of shells breaks the cautious silence. shells destined for the Russian lines fall short. The forward observer falls fowl of his own guns and is wiped out, a 6 man section anchoring the right flank is summarily blown to pieces. Every unit except the light mortar takes a minimum of 2 pins, the infantry section earlier spotted by the heavy mortar gets hit for 4 pins.
Plans buckle.
More gunfire erupts, the heavy mortar team once again dives for cover, the Brits wrestle with their wits whilst major Howard screams orders to anyone who will listen.

Turn 4.
The light mortar spots on a unit behind a wall, the mmg finds the same unit and puts a pin on it. The smg team fires on the same unit and adds a second pin. The heavily pinned section attempts to rally and fails. The command team keeps up its urging of the Brits but things look bleak.
The Russians put another couple of pins on the heavily pinned section taking them up to 6 pins. The light mortar team lose the loader. The Russian heavy mortar spots the heavily pinned section but fails to find its mark.

Turn 5.
The heavy mortar finally zeros in and wipes 2 men off the heavily pinned section, more Russian gunfire fells another 2 but the remainder stubbornly hold position with 8 pins. The Russians sense victory and move to finish the Brits off.
The vickers opens fire on a squad in the open and along with the fire of the smg section take it down to half strength. The command section open fire on a nearby squad for a pin, the light mortar spots the squad behind a wall again but miss again. The heavily pinned section tries to rally...and fails...again (3 on 2d6 or less)

Turn 6.
The heavily pinned section finally succumbs to another mortar round. The light mortar team get wiped out, the command section gets cut downs on the edge of a wood. The vickers opens up on the infantry in the open but only adds a pin. With a final roar of 'up the ox and bucks' the 5 man smg section charges out of cover and into the infantry squad in the open. 5 v 5 close combat is joined. Raging at their own artillery and bad fortune, the paras rip the Russians apart in a single bloody moment.

There the game ended. My first foray into bolt action. My dice hated me to no ends. My opponent a gent commented that i made no mistakes and in his opinion the artillery strike ruined the game. I will be back!

A couple of the pics i managed to take decently

End of turn 1 and the Brits advance onto the board

Turn 2 and things get rocking. In the distance the red smoke of the artillery strike billows out ready to bring pain and death. The Brits have position in the woods and hold the centre and right flank safely

End of turn 3. Out of sight the command team, 6 man section pick themselves up to discover the horror of what had happened. The right flank squad destroyed to a man, the forward observer team KIA...or had the fled the bombardment and escaped back to the Russian lines...spies i tell you SPIIIIES.

Turn 4 and the British 5 man section and vickers mmg team begin a forlorn hope fight back from the edge of the woods.

It was (despite the treasonous acts of the Forward observer) a great first game of bolt action and i look forward to more. My cunning ability to roll 1's continues.
I now plan on buying new dice and making them watch on as the ones i have are melted down in an inferno of hatred!.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

British 6th Airborne division

Hi folks and welcome back to insanity-ville. Population- just me.

Well i have been busy working away on my 6th Airborne Division force. An army list has been written, books purchase and the remainder of the force ordered.
A theme has even been set.
Set 6 days after d-day the force is set around the 'Battle of Breville'. An action involving Paratroopers, commandos, artillery and tank support along with some more regular forces.
I have chosen this point as it allows me a bit flexibility in force choice as i learn the game and i can chop and change between the Normandy and Market Garden theatre selectors.

Painting Dennison smocks is certainly not for the feint hearted. But i think it is worth the effort. I hope you enjoy the following pics, there will be more to come once the rest of my force arrives.

Family Portrait

Vickers MMG Team

Piat and Light Mortar teams

Bren gun LMG teams

Forward Observer Team

Command Sections


Sten Gunners

As i said, there is more to come, including 3 inch mortars, jeeps, a light howitzer, flame thrower and sniper teams.

I personally am really chuffed with the way the models have turned out and that is REALLY unusual for me to say!.

For any WW2 history buffs, or those a tad curious about the background for my force. More info on the Battle for Breville can be found here BATTLE FOR BREVILLE

Well that's a healthy update, i am off to hunt for my marbles as i lost them somewhere in the Dennison smocks.

Friday, 11 April 2014

The march to War continues

So a couple more days have passed.

Has my motivation slipped. Nope.
Has my mind wandered off to something else. Nope.
Is my excitement building up for Bolt Action. Absofrickinglutely.

I have my order dice on their way, currently in the warp aka royal mails hands.
I am going to go buy the Armies of Great Britain book today...maybe some more shinnies.
I am desperately scrambling to get someone who plays Bolt Action to show me the game play and teach me.

My army list is still somewhere in orbit with ideas jostling away.

My head is spinning too. I need to devise some pin markers for my units..something i can mass produce as i will need a fair few.
I also need to devise a carry tray that can double for a display board for the army.

But  all this has kept me painting pretty well. I have had one evening and morning to paint, since the last blog update.

In that time..the models have taken some further steps.

Dennison Smocks have had their camo finished off.
Packs and webbing have been base coated, dry brushed and inked.

The packs need a final dry brush to finish them off. Then its onto the weapons. I hope to have that work done by Sunday evening. Then all that will be left will be flesh, helmets and lower body -legs, gaiters, boots and basing.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Motivation comes from the strangest places.

Well of self inflicted readers of pain.

Well the scions are on the back burner for the moment.

A chance conversation with a reader of this here blog, lead to conversations of trying Bolt Action by Warlord games. Now any long term readers will know of my excitement when i ordered 'Ham and Jam Pegasus Bridge'. The excitement was tempered ...well had cold water thrown over it by a lack of enthusiasm from my other half and a distinct lack of people to play.

But it's back. That chance conversation on here, lead to me trying to arrange a demo for myself. That lead to much talk of the British Airborne (trust me it's not a conversation to enter into lightly lol). One thing lead to another and well..simply put.
I have entered a tournament with Aftermath gaming club on September 21st.

5 months is a long time you may say.
But in that 5 months i have to finish the purchase of my army (currently own 640pts out of 1000). I have to build and paint that army, learn to play the game and get a good grip of my own particular force. All in the search for that elusive wooden spoon...or rusty bayonet as it's known to ww2 gamers.

So the initial plan...sort what i have,
Well that consists of
Mjr John Howard + 2 soldiers.
Commander with 1 soldier.
2 full sections each with 4 sten guns, 5 rifles and a bren gun.
1 Piat team.
1 Light Mortar team
1 vickers medium machine gun team.

As of mid afternoon...i had dug the models out and they looked like this.

Maybe half were base coated..........

3 hours later....

All base coated and inked.........

As of this evening...........

All given a heavy drybrush of green ochre on their Dennison smocks.

It's all good steps along the path to the tournament. The idea of playing has got my goat and i am raring to go. This has the knock on effect of getting me painting like i mean it again.

Happy times.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Militarum Tempestus scions. Assembly and onwards

So in a second look at the new Militarum Tempestus Scions set, I wanted to talk about the assembly of the models and general quality.

Mould Lines.
Nothing sinister and in many places very few are far between. Very good castings all round.

The parts all fit together nicely, with the aid of the clear instructions, it's a nice kit to assemble. But it's not a joy. Simpy because of the weapon arms. They have 3 points of contact. Left wrist, right wrist and power cables. It might not sound too much trouble. But the wrists are shaped to a precise fit, which can be a pain to line up when your trying to position both arms whilst ensuring the power cables meet up.
In the end the simplest way i found was to glue the Right arm to the weapon. Then you can line up the whole arm/weapon with the power cable and finally postion the left arm.

The models looked fantastic on the sprues and again, once cleaned of minor mould lines and assembled, they still look great. Lots of options and minor details that could easily be missed.

Bits for kitbashes.
Well simply put...bucket loads. I went with a basic 5 man team. 3 scions with hellguns, 1 with volleygun and a tempestor with the cool powerfist and bolt pistol.
This left me with...well the pic says enough.

For now i will sign off with a final couple of pics.

Trooper Raulke of the 43rd Octavian Rifles

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Militarum Tempestus Scions review

Ok, so the plastic has barely stopped crinkling after being shredded from the box and i feel now is the best time to do an unboxing/review of the contents.

Simple enough affair with the new 'darker' style. Front has mandatory nice pic with the back showing alternate builds along with a suggested paint guide.

A surprise and refreshing change. Lots and lots of pics, step by step guides on every variant build and the final page has the stats minus the points cost of the command squad variant and basic squad variant.

First impression...Crammed to the hilt. GW have certainly tried to squeeze your monies worth onto the sprues. There are 2 sprues included. 5 set of legs with 3 being cut off at the knee for a little more pose variance. 5 torsos are included along with a lovely cloak for an officer.
There's 5 backpacks, a mix of combat weapons including a really nice power fist that has some exposed pistons on the back. There is a nice touch on the chainsword with it having 'sergant' stripes on it.
There are also multiple weapons for each of the squad/command variants. Though only 1 volley gun :(.
There are a few additional nice little touches like holstered hellguns, cool little knives. the obligatory canteens and pouches....oh and 17 heads!!! yep lots of spares including 9 beret heads for those wanting extras for their regular guard models.
One little touch is the attention to detail on the armour. It looks like there is a intentional link between the scion armour and the knight armour. 

Plenty of options, extras and nice little touches. A clear and well laid out instruction manual. Some will argue that the box is overpriced (same old gw argument that has been going on for years). But the truth is, you get a bucket load of bits to kitbash onto ordinary guard models and vehicle crews.

I am more than happy with the cost/parts ration and look forward to getting on and assembling some models.

For the Emperor!!

Blood for my vengeance, vengeance is my blood.

Oh you want pics of the shinnies...ok.


Instruction Manual

Basic Scion Sprue

Scions 'command' sprue

Enjoy folks!

Friday, 4 April 2014

The Octavian 43rd Rifles

Octavian 43rd Rifles

Home Worlds

The Octavian regiments come from a cluster of planets within the Octavia Cluster to the galactic east.
Towards the core part of the cluster lie several highly fertile worlds.
It is upon these worlds the Men are trained and recruited.

The core worlds of the Octavia Cluster are all under full imperial control. Some of the outer planets are still home to fighting between elements of the Octavian regiments, Fists of Dorn Astartes chapter and the remnants of Waaagh Grotsmasha.

Those planets that are clear of the orks, are fertile lands, populated by large fortified cities and military training complexes. Unlike a lot of imperial worlds though, the ruling elite of Octavia refuse to allow their worlds to descend into the state of hive worlds and manufactories.

Life on Octavia.

The Octavians are a highly martial people. From the age of 10 all children are expected to learn how to handle and fire las weaponry.
At 16 all males are required to enlist in the planetary defence forces for a minimum of 10 years. This can be extended when the home worlds are under threat.
All women are required to be proficient in fire arms, but also to maintain a standing auxiliary of trained medicae personnel. They are also expected to maintain the fertile farmlands.

Any person deemed fit and willing can leave their normal service and volunteer to join one of the Octavian Guard regiments. It is seen as a great honor and much social standing can be gained through the act.

Due to the nature of guard life, there are many orphaned children upon the worlds of the Octavian cluster. On may other worlds these waifs and strays would succumb to life they have been dealt.
But it is not so here.

Using the martial mindset of the people, the scholar Progenium set up several training academies. Constant warfare provides a steady stream of orphans into these academies. Many are tested and fail, these cast offs usually find their way into the factories and workshops of the worlds.
But for those who excel, life in the Octavian Rifles awaits.

The Octavian Rifles

To be a rifle is to be a member of the elite, within the martial lifestyle of Octavia, to be elite is to be admired. For the Rifles are the Militarum Tempestus 'storm troopers'. The best of the best of Octavias Military.
Granted the best armour, training and equipment outside of an Astartes chapter.

From their arrival at a Scholar facility. the orphaned youth of Octavia are taught and reminded about the death of their family. It is used as a conditioning tool, to hone a killing edge to an already lethal weapon. 
The regimental Commissars use Vengeance as a motivator and controlling hand over their charges.

Life as a member of the 'Militarum Tempestus' is exactly that. A life long occupation. For those lucky enough to survive into their 50th year, the training academies await. Their skills, knowledge and experience used to teach the new recruits.

Octavian Commissariat

For some of the orphans, losing their families leads them into unswerving acts of fealty. Many are found at places of worship, begging answers from the emperor as to why their families were taken. Some of these poor souls are too broken to help. Others though, seek to avenge their families, to take the fight to the enemies of mankind.
These pious young orphans nearly always end up under the scrutiny of the commissariat.
Some do not meet the exacting standards required and will go on to become the junior officers within the 'Tempestus' regiments. The rest though, go on to study, train and master the teachings of the Emperor.
Eventually when they are deemed ready, they will step out in the long black cloak of a commissar.

Octavian Commissars are somewhat different to most others though. Throughout their training they are taught that the lives of their men are not to be easily wasted.
Discourage from the typical execution mantra of most, Octavian Commissars are taught to use punishment over death.
Minor infringements are dealt with through lashings.
Major infringements are dealt with through court martial.
Cowardice however is dealt with, not through death, but dismissal.

Any soldier, be they an officer or lowly grunt. Convicted of cowardice is summarily dismissed from the Octavian Regiments. Their marks of service are removed through laser surgery. This process leaves a very obvious and very visible mark upon the soldier. On their return to their home world, these men will be treated as outcasts. Most will wander trying to find a way to make amends, the rest end up doing the most menial of tasks, clearing the city sewers, working in the slaughter houses or as servants to one of the higher families.

For the men of the rifles. A simple mantra is also their battle cry.

Blood for my vengeance, vengeance is my blood.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Decision, decisions, decisions.

So that time is coming closer.
Over the next few weeks we will see the new scions, taurox and Militarum Tempestus codex, followed by the hydra/wyvern dual kit, ogryns/bullgryns and the Astra Militaurm (ig) codex.

It's interesting times for those of us with an interest in the lowly men of the guard. The bravest of human souls to defend humanity.

But with those new shinnies comes an avalanche of options and unanswered questions.

Singular MT or AM forces. Combined elements of both, if so which way...MT with AM allies or AM with MT allies. The only certain element is that both will feature and a knight will join also.

I cant remember a time when there was this sort of choice to face for those of us with a desire to do guard. The options are all viable. The choices unknown, especially in regards to the contents of the MT book.

Like i said....

Interesting times.

Another little fluff tale for my upcoming force.

The sky was beginning to darken, the first signs of night approaching.Rain was falling slantwise, driven by the howling wind as bravo platoon continued their sweep of the surrounding woodlands.
At the front of the straggling line of sodden guardsmen walked Elias Raulke. Not a happy guardsmen today was Raulke. For the third time in a row he pulled the point job, or sandbag as most knew it. Peering through the gathering gloom and driving rain he struggled to observe the route ahead.
Listening was of no use with the wind howling through the trees, you could have walked a titan past 3rd platoon and they would never have known. Like the rest of bravo platoon he was beyond the point of fatigue.

Further down the line struggling against the wait of his comm link came trooper Clarke. Fresh off the training fields Clarke was as green as they came and he felt none of the fatigue, just the enthusiasm of the new recruit.
Behind him came the platoons Sergeant Max Loyden, a ten year veteran of the guard, admired by his men he was a true leader.
Raising his clenched fist he signalled the platoon to halt, then with a quick snapping gesture he signalled them to break off the trail and into cover. As fast as they could the men dived into the cover at the trails edge.
Stomping down the trail came around a hundred orks accompanied by a few of their smaller dreadnoughts know as killer kans.
Guardsmen Raulke squirmed further back into cover and started to pray to the Emperor for salvation.
Further down the line guardsmen Clarke slid the safety off his lasgun and prepared to fire. Loyden noticing this tried to stop him but it was already too late, he was up and firing towards the orks.
The rest of bravo platoon knew they were in trouble, they were outnumbered and out gunned at least two to one.With a screaming battle cry the rest of bravo platoon opened fire, creating a firestorm of death amongst the orks as they milled in confusion.
A few of the orks had gathered their wits and were stating to return fire at the guardsmen, along with the kans which were already starting to cut down men like wheat.
Panic and fear started to spread through the men like wild fire, disorganised they stared to back away from the orks. What started as a withdrawal rapidly became a full blown route as the orks took advantage of the situation.
Running as fast as they could bravo platoon fled into the woodland, disappearing like mist.

Back at Granacia Prime news of bravo platoons fate was being flashed through the comm system, already the massive defence guns were redirecting their fire towards the last know location of bravo platoon. Sweating servitors loaded macro shells into the gargantuan guns and reported ready to fire. In the command bunker Captain Thaine, Commander of the Octavian Rifles dejectedly gave the order to commence bombardment. He knew the men of bravo platoon well and would miss them. He only hoped that some had got clear and would not be caught in the bombardment.
On the north wall unaware of the fate befalling bravo platoon, two sentries stood looking out over the plains outside their city. Watching as the massive defence guns opened fire one of them said 'somebody is getting a pasting  tonight'

48 hours later

There was a commotion outside the main gates of the city, men were running towards the walls shouting. Alarmed Thaine headed towards the command bunker and ordered the vid screens to focus outside the main gates. Augmented servitors half man half machine obeyed and started redirecting the surveillance drones into position. Slowly a picture started to form on the screen as the drones took up position.
Expecting the worst Thaine gave the order for all batteries to arm and all men to alert stations.
Turning towards the screens Thaine was struck by a feeling of awe, as out of the western forest a line of straggling, sodden and bedraggled guardsmen were marching towards the gates.

Out of the woods guardsmen Raulke stumbled, looking up he saw the walls of Granacia Prime. A feeling of joy coursed through him, he was home, he was safe.
Never would he be able to forget his flight from the orks. What was supposed to be organised had become a rout. He could remember running for his life as the kans had started firing into the woods. He could remember the fear of being atomised as the artillery barrage had fell upon the woodland as he ran for his life.
None of it mattered now, he was alive and he was home.

Later that day.

Max Loyden marched into the command bunker, summoned from his men he knew what was coming.Smartly coming to attention he started to report to Thaine......

An hour passed and with it he finished his report, noticing as he did for the first time the man sat at the back of the command bunker. Fear and dread filled Loyden as he realised he was looking at a commissar, scared he swallowed hard.
The man stepped forward, Sergeant this is Commissar Pavlov he is here to observe these proceedings interjected Thaine, as if he read the sergeants mind.

Drawing out a bolt pistol the Commissar approached Loyden, then abruptly he spun the pistol around and handed it to the man.
'I, I do not understand' stammered Max Loyden, 'do you expect me to take my own life?'.
Laughter long, raucous and hard rang out from the body of the commissar, after a minute or so it subsided and the stern face returned.
'No sergeant i do not expect you to take your own life, but i do expect you to take the life of many more orks before this war is over. Do you understand me sergeant or should i say Lieutenant'
Shocked and amazed Lieutenant Max Loyden left the command bunker and headed back for some sleep.

'A good man' Thaine said to the commissar.
'Yes indeed. But a shame he could not return with all his men. But that is the price of war. 20 dead you say?, make sure they are replaced and make sure they are experienced men. I foresee many missions for this Loyden and his men in the future and he will need good men with him', replied Commissar Pavlov.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

The diary of Guardsman Raulke Octavian 43rd Rifles

Some of the new kits coming out of gw of late, have just been amazing.
Knights, scions, ogryns, new hydra/wyvern kit.
With rumours of another new tank and flyer to come's certainly an interesting time to be a guard player.

Mentally i am jumping through hoops. I like so many of the new kits, I am hoping they will all be accessible to the Militarum Tempestus lists, but can believe they might be guard only on the whole.

If so it begs the question...MT list with allied IG and a knight. Or IG list with MT allies and a knight...the plot thickens.

Whilst stirring the pot and trying not to let it thicken too much...this kinda happened.

A little fluff for my MT/IG army.

The diary of Guardsmen Raulke 43rd Octavian Rifles

Today was the 1st day we were able to attack those stinking Orks.After three months of solid fighting were finally able to put an attack their way and by the Emperor's shiny throne was it a good day.I can still recall their feral voices in the gloom.

Slowly i crawled forwards through the dense foliage of the woodland floor. Each move rustling leaves, the sound inside my head magnified a hundred times by my heightened senses.
Surely they would hear me, surely they would expose our trap and catch us all cold.
I crept forward further, only another fifteen meters and i would be in position. Minutes pass slowly seeming like hours to my over active mind. Gradually i crawl into position, I look around and watch as the rest if my platoon takes up their positions along the banks beside the Ork encampment.
All in there are maybe fifty men from bravo platoon, mostly just lowly guardsmen, but leading this attack there are some senior guardsmen as well. On the left flank i can see Sgt.Chesham checking his men, making sure kit is secure as we do not want our position to be given away by a loose canteen rattling.On the right flank i can see Sgt.Loyden ushering the last of 3rd squad into their ambush positions, he glances over at me and smiles noticing my nervousness, it's encouraging but i still feel like a scared child.

How long has passed...only ten minutes...I do not know how long i can stand this waiting. Just laying here like a corpse waiting for the sun to rise and our moment to come.
I snap awake, oh no i fell asleep, god i hope nothings gone wrong.I check my watch...thank the Emperor only a minute or so gone.
I hear a noise to my right i pray it is not a Ork, slowly i look over and see it's only guardsmen Holt shifting uncomfortably.

04:45hours only five minutes to go until will launch our ambush on the Ork camp.I can hear them rousing, the guttural barks as they rouse their warriors.The smell is suffocating like decomposing meat and the smell of a thousand unwashed bodies.
I hear a noise ahead, glancing up i see a huge Ork strolling towards me. Oh no, oh no. he will see us and raise the alarm.I start to raise my lasgun ready to fire,20 more paces and he will be on top of us. Out of the corner of my eye i see Loyden wave me down, his signals telling me not too fire. I lower my lasgun and start to pray. The Ork stops a few meters away and starts to sniff the air. I am sure we are going to be discovered, but then he just turns away and heads back into camp.

04:49 hours.I reach down and clip my bayonet onto the lugs of my lasgun, slowly I check my webbing to ensure everything is done up nice and tight.I slide the safety off my gun and prepare to move, all along the line fifty other souls do the same. I mutter a quick prayer for the safe keeping of my soul to the Emperor.

04.50hours With a screaming war cry we launch our ambush on the Orks, I leap up out of my position and start to move forward, all fear is gone I only feel the rush of adrenaline.The Orks are bewildered as we charge out of the forest, most are not armed or even standing.
As I run forward I start to shoot, first to the left taking a greenskin in the jaw and sending it flying backwards into another. Then I notice another groping for a large cumbersome weapon, I drop to the floor, taking aim I start shooting whilst muttering a prayer for accuracy.
Time slows, I watch as my lasrounds buzz lazily through the early morning mist. I count several hits but the beast stays up, frantically I grope for a grenade, priming it,I hurl it towards my foe screaming 'frag out' to warn my comrades. As I watch the grenade slowly tumble through the air I pray, seconds later my prayers are answered by the concussion of the grenade .A bright blossom of smoke and flame flash out followed by mud wood and other unmentionable things.

Getting to my feet I look around, all over the forest floor lay dead and dying Orks. With a scream of triumph I realize I am alive and we have won .
Then slowly I turn and realization slams into me like a grav train. Lying just feet away is my brother. Speared through the side by a huge sword he looks like a stuffed pig, beside him is the body of a massive ork its mouth fused around the barrel of his lasgun. Behind them lie the bodies of more guardsmen, maybe 20 or more, I fall to my knees and start to cry.Why? why must good men die fighting scum like these.
I rouse from my today was not a good day, it was just another day in another war.........