Monday, 7 April 2014

Motivation comes from the strangest places.

Well of self inflicted readers of pain.

Well the scions are on the back burner for the moment.

A chance conversation with a reader of this here blog, lead to conversations of trying Bolt Action by Warlord games. Now any long term readers will know of my excitement when i ordered 'Ham and Jam Pegasus Bridge'. The excitement was tempered ...well had cold water thrown over it by a lack of enthusiasm from my other half and a distinct lack of people to play.

But it's back. That chance conversation on here, lead to me trying to arrange a demo for myself. That lead to much talk of the British Airborne (trust me it's not a conversation to enter into lightly lol). One thing lead to another and well..simply put.
I have entered a tournament with Aftermath gaming club on September 21st.

5 months is a long time you may say.
But in that 5 months i have to finish the purchase of my army (currently own 640pts out of 1000). I have to build and paint that army, learn to play the game and get a good grip of my own particular force. All in the search for that elusive wooden spoon...or rusty bayonet as it's known to ww2 gamers.

So the initial plan...sort what i have,
Well that consists of
Mjr John Howard + 2 soldiers.
Commander with 1 soldier.
2 full sections each with 4 sten guns, 5 rifles and a bren gun.
1 Piat team.
1 Light Mortar team
1 vickers medium machine gun team.

As of mid afternoon...i had dug the models out and they looked like this.

Maybe half were base coated..........

3 hours later....

All base coated and inked.........

As of this evening...........

All given a heavy drybrush of green ochre on their Dennison smocks.

It's all good steps along the path to the tournament. The idea of playing has got my goat and i am raring to go. This has the knock on effect of getting me painting like i mean it again.

Happy times.