Sunday, 20 April 2014

British 6th Airborne division

Hi folks and welcome back to insanity-ville. Population- just me.

Well i have been busy working away on my 6th Airborne Division force. An army list has been written, books purchase and the remainder of the force ordered.
A theme has even been set.
Set 6 days after d-day the force is set around the 'Battle of Breville'. An action involving Paratroopers, commandos, artillery and tank support along with some more regular forces.
I have chosen this point as it allows me a bit flexibility in force choice as i learn the game and i can chop and change between the Normandy and Market Garden theatre selectors.

Painting Dennison smocks is certainly not for the feint hearted. But i think it is worth the effort. I hope you enjoy the following pics, there will be more to come once the rest of my force arrives.

Family Portrait

Vickers MMG Team

Piat and Light Mortar teams

Bren gun LMG teams

Forward Observer Team

Command Sections


Sten Gunners

As i said, there is more to come, including 3 inch mortars, jeeps, a light howitzer, flame thrower and sniper teams.

I personally am really chuffed with the way the models have turned out and that is REALLY unusual for me to say!.

For any WW2 history buffs, or those a tad curious about the background for my force. More info on the Battle for Breville can be found here BATTLE FOR BREVILLE

Well that's a healthy update, i am off to hunt for my marbles as i lost them somewhere in the Dennison smocks.