Monday, 3 June 2013

Kingdom of Brittannia Battlegroup wip

So a quick update for the weekend.

I got started on the Dystopian wars models (yay me).

I must admit that the models although small, are fantastically detailed. Even the little frigates which are tiny have a fantastic amount on them.
I can however see my sanity as well as my eyesight going before i finish lol. So to try and prevent this i stepped back and tried using a heavy amount of inking and drybrushing to bring out the detail and prevent me going cross eyed.

Here's a couple of (admittedly very poor) pics from last nights progress.

They are very much work in progress, but its a start and i hope to finish them as the week goes on (far too many work shifts this week booo)

I was asked about my technique for them thus far. Which i described on the relevant post, but will happily share here.

The red and Wood are both really really simple.

The red
Base coat of Khorne red. You could paint this on, i use an airbrush for speed.
Heavy ink wash of Nuln Oil and allow to dry
Moderate drybrush of Khorne Red, focusing a little heavier the lower down the hull you get.
Final very light drybrush of Wazzdakka Red to pick out the rivets and raised areas, also used on the front and back edges where the port and starboard hulls meet

For the wood, it's a technique i stole of my fiancee Carol.
Base coat with Averland Sunset, usually takes a couple of coats as you want an even colour.
Very heavy ink wash of Seraphim Sepia and leave to dry.

A final note would be that all those paints are from the newer GW range. Like myself a lot of you out there probably still use the older stuff too. So i dug the conversion chart up as i know not everyone would have it easily available.

Enjoy your week all, i hope to post some more updates as the week goes on, if time allows. But seeing as it's Monday, remember the weekends already a day close than it was yesterday