Friday, 21 June 2013

TFI Friiiiiday!!!

And that means a day off work. Yay.

Come midday I'm heading to the hobby room to get m head around the trollblood flesh colours. Though i must confess to being completely underwhelmed by the idea of an albino troll...

I hope you have all been having a productive hobby time. I haven't due to work etc...and i have just been bad and ordered dreadball to boot.

But it's all part of my 'drop GW' stance.
I have Kings of war for Fantasy.
Dreadball for bloodbowl
Malifaux for mordheim/necromunda
Warmahordes for 40k.
Dystopian for dreadfleet.
X-wing for Battlefleet Gothic
I am still looking at other games, like dropzone commander, firestorm armada, Dust to name a few. As and when i find them i will be sure to post my thoughts.

Have a good Friday all and for those of you lucky enough to not be working this weekend (not me :( ) Enjoy your weekend!