Wednesday, 19 June 2013

blue is the colour...hordes is the game

A little update though not too much to sing about...

But first of i want to say a big heartfelt well done to the people at Firestorm Games.
I ordered my Hordes stuff on Friday. Got a reply to say some was out of stock within a couple of hours. Phoned the guys and changed the order slightly. Next morning bright and early and the parcel arrives. Impressive considering it was sent via the good old royal snail mail.
Now with the changed order came a little boo boo. Namely that i received the Warmachine prime rulebook instead of Hordes primal.
Easy enough mistake to make especially in a  rush to get the order dispatched in time.
So i sent the guys a e-mail explaining the oopsie. I was automatically offered a replacement (expected) and asked to send back the original (expected). This i did Monday evening.
A nice email got back to me Tuesday explaining the return had been received (my god the royal mail managed it twice) and that my primal book had been dispatched. Also attached to the e-mail was a voucher code to cover the costs of postage i paid plus a little extra as an apology. I didn't expect that bit and it shows how highly Firestorm Games value their customers.

So here it is, a LARGE pat on the back and hearty 'good job' to Rob and the guys at Firestorm Games, i highly recommend you all to give them a go for your hobby needs.

Right, now onto the progress.
A quick pic of last nights wip on my trollbloods. Yes i know its not a lot. But between working and returning to the gym (to try and dismiss the myth that all wargamers are fat...well at least this one is) I haven't had as much hobby time as i would like....oh and finally (yes i know I'm behind the times) sitting down and watching 'Game of Thrones'.

Wip Trollbloods

One last thing. I got a second hand gaming table a while back. Been trying to figure out what to do to improve it as its pretty beat up and it's also plain green. I want to turn it into something for warmahordes or more precisely something legion/trollblood themed. Anyone with any ideas, please share as i have run into a proverbial brick wall with it.

That be all for now folks. If you don't hear from me within a week, end a search party to the gym, i will probably be collapsed in the corner!!