Tuesday, 11 June 2013

tick tock tick tock wait and wait for pay day

So hey happy, weird and occasionally normal readers, how goes it out there.

Having worked 7 straight days I'm pretty whacked. But looking forward to Friday and payday.
Why you may ask, well it's a hobby related and blog and besides my dogs and charity work (football don't count!), the hobby is the only other thing to bounce about.

So much thinking has gone on between myself and my better half carol. Mostly concerning new avenues of wargaming fun. Slowly its come round to Privateer Press and their games. Much talking later and it has gone down to hoards.

Its here we have a sticking point though. Playable fun factions for learners.
I have many moons ago played warmachine so i understand the basic mechanic and have a fair grasp on fury etc. But i have to learn Hoards and teach it at the same time.
Looking over the models we have it down to 3 sets of models each.
For me its
Circle (who doesn't love werewolves)
Trollbloods (just make me think drunk scots who got a little carried away with the blue)
Skorne (steampunk samurai....word)

For Carol its
Circle (uh oh see the problem developing)
then a join second between
Trollbloods (yup that problem) and Legion.

So with those clashes in choice i hit the proverbial wall. With only 3 days to payday...

Options i can see is to either
Go for the 2 player battlebox which seems fantastic value for money.
Or go for the slightly more expensive trollblood/circle warpack boxes and a separate rulebook.

But to be honest i don't truly know which is the better option, i hear from some that the circle is one of the worst starter sets in hoards and i don't want to taint the first ventures into the game with the feeling of an unplayable force.

For Carols part though she isn't as keen on the legion models as she is the circle, the legion seem to better suit her play style. She plays nids in 40k and believes in the charge forward and gobble everything up tactic lol.

Me I'm a little more cautions and a thinker, though i also like fun.

Comments are open and i welcome any thoughts from you the general wargaming world.