Thursday, 30 May 2013

who, what, where...oh hey hi..Paint rack MKii

Been a quiet few weeks on here.
But that's not really a reflection on  life.

Hobbywise i got smacked by a massive bunch of distractions. Work and getting settled into m new role as a fishmonger and butcher.
Dog rescue work and ending up fostering a mad but gorgeous 2 year old gsd, who went off to his new home happily on Sunday...much to our distress and many tears. We thought that was then end of it for a while...but we now have a 13 month old gsd boy coming in to stay with us as of tomorrow.

That should be enough eh. But for my sins i'm a QPR fan...stop laughing its been a painful enough couple of years, but hey we took 7 of 14 points against Chelsea over the 2 seasons, so not all bad :)

But back on the hobby track. Well i have completely fallen out of love with 40k in all its guises. So a new throw of the dice has been needed.

I purchased Star Wars X-wing.
What can i say about this game. Fun, Fast, Furious and absolutely fantastic. As pick up and play games go, its an absolute winner and i highly recommend it.

I also finished both my own fantasy army and my fiancees army to 2400 i only mean in terms of purchases. Construction and painting will happen in due course.

I have also decided to try out Dystopian Wars by Spartan Games. I am sat patiently (or not so in reality) waiting for the postie with my goodies, the rulebook, Kingdom of Brittannia and Empire of the blazing sun battle group sets.
I will give my thoughts on the game as soon as i have a chance to play it through a few times.

So that's a lot of flitting about. But i did manage something productive too.

The MK1 paint rack seen earlier in the blog just wasn't cutting it in terms of storage and last was beginning to fall to bits. So something needed doing, it also meant de-cluttering the paint area.
Much trawling of the web, various stores and dark recesses of the mind eventually lead me to Homebase.

I didn't take any pica along the way when making these racks. But i want a third one and will try to remember when i do that one.
Needless to say they are pretty easy to make, even for the less DIY skilled like myself.

All that was required was a wooden slat storage unit like this

It comes flat packed which makes life easier. The bits you need from it ate. 2 'side' supports, 1 shelf support and the 9 individual shelf slats.
I simply used the side sections to create the frame. Then spaced each of the slats an even distance apart (that would fit the required paints) and screwed/nailed the slats into position. The little mini side shelf support was used as a wall mount, simply centred on the top shelf, then screwed in place. This provided a panel that could be used to secure the whole unit to a wall.

The description is a bit vague, but i will try to do a step by step when i make the next one.

In the meantime here's some pics to show the finished projects.

This is the first one, 8 equally space shelves, each holds up to 2 rows of 24 gw pots.

This is the second one, made for my fiancee. She wanted 1 less shelf, so that she could use the extra space for largest pots and/or models.

And here they both are fully in position and stocked up :)

So that's pretty much it for now. I need to wait for the dystopian wars delivery, brace for the arrival of our second foster dog tomorrow and then try to find some real hobbytime....