Friday, 14 June 2013

Oh hello paypack...goodbye pay packet....

Yay so Friday finally came.
A trip to the old gaming store on Elm Hill was sadly fruitless. So off to the good chaps at firestorm games i went.

Initial order went in with some of it not available. A few mumblings and a changed order later and I'm now waiting for the nice royal mail type person to show up with.
Legion of everblight battlegroup
Trollbloods battlegroup
mk2 softback rulebook
2 x trollblood paint set
card sleeves
PP template set.

No idea how the 2 sets will play against each other, but it's going to be a fun learning curve for me and carol.

In the meantime i need to figure out how to turn this....

Into a nice hoards gaming table for legion and trollbloods to fight over. I don't honestly even have a clue where to start lol. Suggestions more than welcome!