Thursday, 6 March 2014

A time of change and returning to the old ways

Well what an interesting few weeks we have seen in wargaming.

I very nearly quit just over a week ago. No gaming ground me down, some critical comments about game hopping from my better half, all lead to a point of complete disillusion.

But it also made me stop and think.
Then a few blog posts cropped up from people. Things like being pro GW and no ashamed of it, putting the fun back into gaming etc. Then the people at GW hit us with the new knight model.

Well sometimes events like that are all it takes.
A couple of months ago i tried to switch to a limited number of games, but like most new years resolutions if went tits up. But i am back at that point once again.
The games of choice are Firestorm Armada and good ol 40k.
The positive this time, is that Carol (my long suffering gamer chick fiancee) is actually enthused by these games and wants to play!!! Eureka!

So where has that left me.

Well a good think, a little trial and error and some fond memories lead my along a convoluted path back to the 1 army i always return to. The Space Wolves and hey lets face it...when it comes to putting the FUN back into cant beat a bunch of rabble rousing, beer swilling, vikings on a galaxy wide rampage...oh and it also gives me an excuse to drink loads of beer and grow a beard haha.

I am also commiting to playing firestorm armada (the board can double for beer and pretzels x-wing too). I am just waiting for the stuff to arrive to try the game out (v2 FSA is kinda hard to get as its exploded in popularity).

All this madness though has had a some positive results too!
Some planets for FSA and a brand new kitbashed Wolf Lord have come into being. The planets are finished, the wolf lord is a very wip. But here, enough words!! have some pics

FSA/X-wing planets

Want more....
well here's the Wolf Lord.

Detail pic of my first ever attempt at sculpting a fur cloak

and finally with a little paint work started

So there we have it...I am back where i belong, At the gates of the Fang!