Sunday, 30 March 2014

A day of reckoning

Been a quiet couple of weeks.
Though in hobby terms the chaos continues in my life.

A new dog arrived in our home last night. Poor little soul is 6 months old, a Romanian street dog. His name is Pirate, it's apt really. This morning he had stolen my shoes, most of the dog toys and our sofa for a bed. But he deserves any break he can get whilst we foster him.

But that aside this is a hobby blog.

Or is it just a location for the outside world to stare through the little glass window into the mind of a wargamer suffering from chronic HobbyADD.

Anyone who reads this blog, follows me on twitter or knows me, knows the battle i seem to be fighting constantly.
Over the last few months a few positive steps have been made. Most games have been sectioned away into darkness in an effort to focus on 40k,x-wing and firestorm armada.

That's a positive. What isn't though is the chaos in my mind over a 40k army. This year has seen space wolves,flesh tearers,tau,necrons and a loving eye cast over the new guard stuff.

Normally I would just project hop, but the reality and maybe a bit of adult in me coming out. Has said enough is enough, focus in on 1-2 armies at most, make a call and stop wasting so much on these false starts.

The problem is, I just don't know how.

I don't seem to be able to find that thread that all good armies are latched onto. I am not stressed over world domination, losing is just part of the game. But to lose I need an army. To have an army I need the ADD controlled.

Maybe this is just a ranty plea for help, maybe its more. Who knows in the darkness of this demented wargamers mind.

Any of you poor blog readers out there, anyone with any advice on addressing Hobby ADD or Hobby Butterfly syndrome....If you have the magical cure, or a good way to combat it...please.