Monday, 17 March 2014

Miniature Mondays and productivity

Well it's been an interesting start to 2014.
I have already exceeded the completed model count of 2013 and we are only 3 months in.
I have several projects on the go, being able to switch and swap about has kept me painting along happily and more importantly...without the usually arrrgh fail boredom.

The last few weeks have seen me waiting on Firestorm Armada. Talk about a saga, getting the game dispatched wasn't such a bad thing. But once a certain company by the name of City Link got hold of it....well lets just say. Avoid them like the plague. I was lied to, misinformed and generally led a merry chase for 5 days. But thankfully it's here now.

So with that on the burner i now have Tau, Space Wolves, British Airbourne, Terran and Directorate Fleets and the £5 wargamer challenge.

My main focus in coming days will the £5 challenge as they need to be done and re listed on ebay by the end of the month.

But i do have some goodies to show off.

First up, 4 Pathfinders who also got to hang out with their big bro. Sadly this is the most painted units i have had for 40k in many years!

And finally a wip of my Directorate Battleship for Firestorm Armada.

I have to say this. On receiving my Firestorm Armada stuff, i was highly impressed. They are beautiful models with no imperfections, very little flash and great detail. I can't wait to actually try the game out.