Tuesday, 18 February 2014

This one time...at band camp.

That should set the mood nicely.

I am in a light hearted mood this evenig. As such after replying to a thread on Aftermath gamings fb page...i got to thinking about thos funny moments in wargaming. You know...dice betrayal, panic in the ranks and just the outright chaos of war. It all has it's moment and at times it can be just hilarious for the unfortunate victim aswell as the victor.

Be it the epic moment that valiant and soon to be lunch, last marine. Heriocly thrusts his bayonet into the eye of a hive tyrant ending the menace once and for all.
Or the fatal misfire that takes out half a battle line and turns the tide of warfare.

I have been on the end of many of these moments. But the most epic and by a country mile...the most fun...well that needs a story of proportion.

My unluckiest roll was also part of the best game i ever had and greatest moral victory.
Back in 03 i was working at GW Milton Keynes. My manager 'dan luke' was a massive advocate of narrated games. So he sets a battle between my pure deathwing army and another full timers iron warriors force.
I deploy my entire force within a fortress. Terminators manning the walls, dreadnoughts at the gates. Across the board a massive hoard of iron warriors prepares to lay siege.

Just before the first turn roll off, my manager says ' Reports of a dark angel strike cruiser breaching the blockade. Iron warriors moving to intercept'. Translated this meant a dice off as the 2 titanic ships engaged in combat. The victor would provide an orbital bombardment ever turn of the game. Dice clattered and the smoking trail of a iron warriors ship streaked through the sky. Victory to the dark angels.
But what happened next was the moment of misfortune. With a wry grin my manager announced that i would have to roll for scatter from a point decided by my opponent, to see where the burning wreck impacted. Yup you guessed it smack bang on top of the fortress. Not happy with the devastation to the walls. It then slid half a board length along the walls impacting on every single terminator manning the wall.

Ah its only 35 2+ armour saves eh...easy.

21 dead terminators later and i looked on at the impending doom.

Those 2 dreadnoughts and 14 remaining terminators stood alone against the entire iron warrior hoard for the full 6 turns of the game. Falling only when the dice once again betrayed me and granted a 7th turn....what of the orbital bombardment. It blew up some trees and nesting field mice. But never even scratched the paintwork on a single iron warrior.

That game will always stick in my mind. For the choas caused by the crash, but also for the heroic stand of a few warriors against a force that outnumbered them by an easy 6-1 ratio.

So that's mine...whats yours? Come along and share the story, no matter what the game.