Thursday, 17 October 2013

The german army ran out of fuel, me i ran out of undercoat :(

So my forward momentum on Project Pegasus has come to a screeching halt.

A quarter of the way through undercoating the bridge etc, my undercoat spray gave a final splutter and died. 3 weeks to payday 3 weeks to replacements.

So i tried to turn my attentions to other unfinished projects. Namely the 2400+ points of assembled High Elves that have been crying out for paint for in excess of a year.

But it seems no matter how hard i try, when it comes to the moment. I just can't motivate myself to paint.
It's a problem that's been with me for a few years. I am a seasoned vet of wargaming and it has hit a point where this 'issue' is about ready to make me call quits and give up.
I don't know if it fluff, i don't know if it's the models (this is the case with several different army attempts), i don't really know the cause. But every time i think to myself 'hey i got a few hours before/after work' or 'oh a couple of days off lets paint'. I get to the moment to start and my motivation takes off down the road faster the schumacher in a turbo charged Ferrari.

Any psychologists or hobbyists out there with a cure or even advice on a cure. I really have hit a low and am seriously contemplating ditching something that's been as much a part of my life as breathing.