Sunday, 6 October 2013

I love the smell of burning mdf in the morning

So i got in a fair chunk of time on the Bridge today.

It has so many pieces and i want to do a good job and not screw it up in any way. So i was a tad thrown by a couple of missing components. But that's all being addressed and i was able to move on to other areas of the bridge.

First up here's the work so far, both 'entrances' to the bridge.
The one on the left houses the control room and gantry for raising and lowering the bridge. The one on the right has a road block (but that's being painted in parts and not pre assembled).
In the middle is the massive counter weight for raising the bridge and sitting onto of it is the mid section of the bridge.....yup the bridge is much wider than the little unit its sat on.

The next 2 pics just show a couple of sides of the bridge control rooms.

That 2 storey control room always brings it's own dilemmas. How to paint the interiors. To just paint the walls, or to try and make some mock up machinery etc. I imagine during ww2 the upstairs would have been a commandeered by the commander overseeing the bridge.
Guess more research is needed!

Hope you enjoy the bridge wips