Friday, 11 October 2013

Rain rain go away

So the great British weather has put play to my thoughts of sealing the bridge and getting on with the painting.

But that stiff upper lip and blitz spirit is still alive and kicking.

So instead of bemoaning my luck, i have been cracking on with other bits of assembly.

All the wooden kits are now completely assembled.

Here's some pics.

Recent work all in one place.

Telegraph poles (sure they should all be laying flat after work by le resistance)

German bunker that was opposite the AT gun position on Pegasus Bridge (it was made after destroying two adjacent houses.

Cafe Gondree, The first house in France to be liberated on d-day. also home to Mdm Gondree who with her husband provided the British with accurate up to date intel on the bridge.

And now, off to work i must go. Have to earn a few pennies to appease the bank manager after killing my account this month.