Sunday, 20 October 2013

A tale of fantasy gamers

Whilst i'm waiting to resupply on the paint front in a couple of weeks, i need to sort my other projects out.

I have a 2400+ point army of high elves that in all likelihood will end up getting sold off in the future as i just cant bring myself to paint them.

But that leads into my next project. I am a long serving member of the space wolf forums and it has been decided that from January we will do a 'tale of gamers' type project, focusing on warhammer fantasy battle.

£30 spend a month, can save unspent money, but never 'overspend' for more than one month.
Point allocated on the usual purchase/assembly/painted scheme.

This all got me thinking about how nice it would be to actually field a painted army once again. Carol (my long suffering fiancee) has been plugging away at her tomb kings and in all honesty puts me to shame.

But .... there is always a but.

I need to pick an army.

 Out for certain are the High elves, Wood Elves and Tomb Kings.

Aside from that pretty much anything is viable. But i just cant decide. I posted this in frustration on the SW board and it sums up my dilemma perfectly.

'Never thought choosing an army could be so difficult.

Like the colour and variety of daemons.
Like the prehistoric nature of lizardmen.
Like the executioner models of dark elves.
Like the white lions of the high elves.
Like the glade guard of the wood elves.
Like the basic humanity of empire.
Like the chivalry of brettonia.
Like the weirdness of Skaven.
Like the craziness of Orcs and Goblins.
Like the uniqueness of Ogres.
Like the Egyptiology of Tomb Kings.
Like the Vampires of vc's.
Like the feral non human nature of Beastmen.

Like to sigh and be confused.'

Sums up my state of mind perfectly.....