Monday, 7 October 2013

Project Pegasus Bridge update***

Not sure how much more work will get done this evening as we have to settle in another foster dog.
After chasing the previous one all over north walsham this morning, it was all to clear she wasn't really right for us as she was just too scared of us :(.
So this afternoon we got a new foster furbaby in and he is settling in fine.

In between those events, i got a good chunk of work done on the central section of the bridge. Only need to complete the walkways and a couple of other small bits to actually finish the bridge construction off.

Here's some pics to enjoy!

The bridge in all its unpainted wooden glory.

The gubbinz at the heart of the raising and lowering of the bridge

Now those pics don't truly convey the scale of this beast.

So here's a couple of scale/barry shots with sgt.noname of the 42nd Octavian Rifles after taking the bridge single handedly from no one in particular.

Well there you have it, works progressing well.

I would just like to publicly say a big thank you to both Warlord Games and Sarissa Precision. There has been a initial problem with the kits missing a couple of 'Bracers' for a gantry. I had discovered this last night and contacted them. It has become apparent that this issue had already come to their attention and they have already made moves to rectify the issue and send out the replacement parts for the affected kits.
 Not only is this a more than satisfactory remedy, it also displays a level of forward thinking and pro-active problem solving, that i have not seen from other well known companies. So good sirs, I salute you.