Monday, 17 February 2014

To infinity and beyond

Hey all and welcome back to the land of random musings.

Well i am settling into a week off work and productive it looks to be.
Last week i finished up the main painting on a Myrmidon Hacker from the Aleph Steel Phalanx box set for Infinity the game.

I am looking forward to trying the game out and will give my own thoughts on it in due course. For now it looks positive, has gorgeous models and a great online community.

So much of our hobby is about fitting the pieces together. Games we enjoy, models we like, settings we can relate into. It's also about those little things aswell. Inspirations, be they movie related or personal experiences. Alongside that is the desire to see the game come to life. Usually this is achieved through awesome tabletops, beautiful models and tied in bases.

That is what i think snapped my attention when Infinity came along. I used to love Anime/Manga. You know the stuff, Akira, ghost in the shell, venus wars, dominion tank police. Infinity fitted in there very well, it had the models to match. Scenery, well the world is your oyster for supporting companies and outside sources.

So with all that i took a bit of a punt and i am glad i did.

My scenery.
Well i am about one tenth of the way through painting 2 lots of deadzone scenery. I might not like their restic stuff, but Mantic hit the nail on the head with this stuff. Detailed, loaded onto the sprue and easy enough to arrange.
I have decided on a pale grey scheme with red accents and a dirty industrial grime thats created by thinning black enamel paint and then using cotton buds to remove a good portion of the paint.

I ordered some 'trihex' pattern bases from the guys at Antenocitis Workshop. £5 for 12 bases isn't to be sniffed at. They arrived this weekend.
They are beautifully cast, little to no flash and no noticeable resin release agent. Took paint very well and set off my only finished model to a tee!

Infinity is like Malifaux. The models are amazing. Yes they are somewhat fiddly at times and you want to scream. But for you frustrations you get the nice weighty feel of a metal model, that is highly detailed with very little excess flash. Easy to clean and a challenge to paint up and do justice to.

Putting it all together.
As anyone who knows or follows me will attest. I am a slow painter.....very slow.
So i only have the one finished model, 1 base finished off and 5 walls done of the deadzone stuff.

But here...have a pic or 2...i am proud of her!

I hope you like the model etc.

I will share more of my thoughts on Infinity as i get into the game.

Take care one and all