Monday, 3 February 2014

Of dwarves, visions and white dwarf's

Welcome back to the sometimes frequently and sometimes infrequently updated ramblings of a flu ridden wargamer.

On my own personal hobby front there has been little progress, a week of work and 2 days searching woodland for a missing dog have not allowed much brush time...and now..the flu. Sod off papa nurgle.

So I am sure we have all seen the new dwarf models and the new incarnations of our loved and loathed hobby magazine. But here are my thoughts.

The new dwarves.
I actually like them, i always view dwarves in times of war as stoic, grim warriors. Burdened with the legacy of grudges, empowered by revenge.
To this end i like the new look units and feel they give that feeling a bit more than previous models.
I also love the slayers, i love the idea of psychopathic killing machines, hell bent on revenge and dying the most heroic death they can find, i love the contrast of bright orange hair and the 'come get me if ya think ya ard enuff' attitude, set against the stoic, grim back drop of the ordinary dwarf warrior.

Warhammer Visions.
I already see from twitter, that this will truly be a love or loathe magazine. But i think it depends on what you expect. Smaller and thicker is ok, the price is a shock, but in line with most other glossy mags.
Content takes a step back to assess. It is not supposed to be white dwarf, i think it needs stating.
The pics are fantastic, there's a sizable chunk of paint splatter and some nice looks at other works. The kitbash section is another added bonus.
I am undecided in truth. As a hobby 'supplement' it falls a tad short for the money. As a magazine for inspiration it is packed full of lovely pics of beautiful models and succeeds brilliantly.
I had hoped to see more diversity in the featured armies and that has disappointed me a bit. It's packed full of tyranids, the new shiny army. Which has detracted a bit from the feel of it being a all genres all army affair.
But i will reserve final judgement until it has had a few issues to bed in fully.
For now....mixed feelings, but i am on subscription so have time to see.

White Dwarf Weekly.
This is the chance for gw to go somewhere different.
Adverts...yes but it's kept to the new releases. A little paint splatter on the new releases as well....all good so far. The usual columns from the usual protagonists..still good, but not Jeremy vetok(sp) sad face as i liked his articles and could relate.
Supplementary rules for models...also a real bonus.
Pics are good quality and readers questions/models are a nice touch.
I can see weekly being very much dependant on what army is featured and it's 'no subscription pick up from a store' style is a benefit in allowing this.

On issue 1 basis, i prefer wd weekly to visions. But both have there place. I was disappointed with a lack of 'proper' or even close to proper battle report.
I will give each mag a few issues to bed in and truly see what i feel, but i am not gonna rage quit my subscription just yet.

As a dawi player reborn...i of course love the currently weekly a bit more than i probably should !