Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Of games and gnomes.

Hi to all once again.

An odd few days.

On one hand..i have finished the UCM armour and dropships for Dropzone Commander.
On the other hand, I had a long hard think about my views on GW and came to the conclusion, they are not nearly as bad as net rage makes you think.

I am guilty of being swept up in the mob mentality and raging at GW. But i asked myself why. They got me into wargaming for which i will be forever gratefull. Their prices are in reality in line with most other 'luxury' goods and in most cases offer a lot more for the money.
I freaked out when White Dwarf was announced as changing. But, if the magazine as a whole improves through the weekly/monthly idea, then i will not be sorry. I realised that mostly what got my back up was actually...the fear of the change. White Dwarf had been a feature of hobbying for as long as i could remember.
I joined in the mob march against GW. But you was stupid. After a reality check i looked at it and thought.

GW. Best quality plastics anywhere on the market, most developed background of any game system in existance, For me- easy access stores where i can go to buy my stuff and chat hobby with other like minded people.
Yes it comes at a price, but not as bad as you think when compared to the other providers like PP, Wyrd, Infinity and Avatars of war.

So why do we hate on GW so much....i think much like in the service industry, it's all down to their visability. They are the big dog, with the stores, the web presence and the long long history. They are easy to hate on because they do make mistakes. Yes some of their actions regarding online stores could be questioned, but they are a business protecting themselves. Yes their hammering of anyone crossing into their IP is harsh, but they have a world to protect and in reality would you want every tom dick and harry robbing your stuff?.

So with all that in mind I would like to say, i for one do actually support GW, i may not always approve of their moves. But i am not going to jump on the forum/twitter bandwagon of GW hate anymore.

Now with that all said...lets show off some goodies!

Dropzone Commander UCM

Family Portrait

Condor dropship with bear apc's

Condor Dropship with Sabre MBT's

Condor dropship with Rapier AA

So that leaves the infantry to do. In the meantime in an effort to push a WFB army, i am going back to my days of a GW employee and starting a new Dwarf army.

Yup the short, angry, drunken, bearded ones are once again marching from their holds and onto the fields of glory.