Thursday, 16 January 2014

The golden age.

Good morning to you all on this chilly British morning.

Following on from my last post, I find myself looking over all the games we have at our finger tips.
We truly have as wargamers, entered a golden age of gaming. A time when there are so many games, so many different varieties, that it can be as much of a hinderance as a boon.

I indeed suffer from 'ADOSS' (Attention Deficit Oh Shiny Syndrome) as i think many of the #warmongers and wargaming world do.
It's the one thing that makes our hobby so great and yet so frustrating.

I remember a time when it was pretty much Games Workshop, DnD or board games. Then a few other companies came along. Some stayed and some went.

But then the internet exploded on us. Facebook, Twitter, forums and Kickstarter all came in to being.
Not only did this enable the wargaming community to expand and share it's trials and tribulations, it also gave a news stand to the suppliers of our 'plasticrack' a place to show their wares.
No longer was it word of mouth, a chance discovery in a rare monthly multi game mag, nor was it down to finding that musty smelling, dark door into another world (gaming store).

Indeed i find myself many a time, looking on twitter and fb and seeing models from new games and thinking... wow i need to get me into that.
But that is the curse of our modern time and golden age. Focus is lost, games clamor for our attention and bank managers cry into the coffee.

I for one do not have the answer or the cure to the constant demand of new games, nor do i have the willpower to resist them all. Do you?

For now i must leave and battle the newly born wargaming demon within, for Dropzone Commander is screaming for attention in a way only a wargamer understands.

But it is not all bad news :)

So far this year i have painted and i have enjoyed going with a  'what i feel like' approach. It's in direct opposition to my intended focus approach. But since Sunday night i have achieved this

It's progress Jim!