Friday, 10 January 2014

All systems reset..

I could rage on the days events or just quit.
I could as my brain keeps screaming 'just bin the lot'.

But it wont happen. Not today.

With that thought to keep you bemused, let me say welcome back to the occasionally updated, sometimes amusing and always demented ramblings of one demented wargamer.

I hope life has been treating you all well and Christmas (if you celebrate it) was kind to you all.

Today started like any other, school run, dog walk, few cups of tea. Raging frothing post about more changes by GW. #ragequit seems to be the in thing and i came so close to doing that to wargaming in general.
A damned good rant later and it got me thinking...somewhere between the raging and tears talking about my old dog chip...a thought skittered across the cosmos and lodge in my head.

Over recent years i have flittered about from game to game, army to army. Never ceasing, never settling and never really happy. It's not a slur against any of the games or companies, in fact getting my attention isn't as easy as it used to be. So getting me to see your game is pretty good going.
I think the problem at the heart is just a jaded view of gaming as i have not actually been 'gaming'.

It took a bit of thought, ranting and chatting to really see that point. I don't want to paint simply because i am not gaming.
Over the course of last year i worked too much, slacked of too much and gamed too little. This has come full circle to my jaded wargamer blues.

But how do you battle back. Well phase 1 is going to be focusing on a single game or at least only a couple.
I have a couple of nice pick up and play games. X-wing and Zombicide. Now these are great games but they feel like more of a 'board game' than wargame.
So aside from those i needed to find some direction. Easy for lots of people, they may only have 1 or 2 games....but not me.
Don't believe's the list of currently owned and unpainted games.

Warhammer 40k
Warhammer Fantasy Battle
Kings of war
Dystopian Wars

Its a heck of a list and explains the somewhat directionless mind i have had.
So how do you really get back.

Well step 1 is devising more time for myself. That means less overtime at work.
step 2 was sitting down having a chat with my wargamer in crime and picking 1 or 2 games that we could both enjoy and focusing on them.
step 3 set aside a day to play the games, this in turn will help with painting.

Stage 1 is complete.
Stage 2 is almost complete in that, Myself and Carol think Dystopian Wars and a return to Wyrd's Malifaux would be the best focus. We loved Malifaux in V1 and v1.5. Yet to try V2 but the basic game has always been awesome. Dystopian Wars has enough difference to be a challenge and the few fumbled games we have managed have been enjoyable.

Stage 3 is to be sorted. Being a non driver makes getting out for games so much more difficult especially when i don't live in a city, but instead live in a #large' (hahaha yeah right) town in north Norfolk. Said town has limited transport and a very small 40k only community.
But 1 part of the approach needs to be setting aside gaming time at home. At the moment i think every other Sunday (as it's 1 of only 2 days i get off with carol).

Well it's a start on a plan and a step up from being ready to quit. To my High elf, British airborne and various other armies, i have to apologise. But hopefully their time will come in the future.