Monday, 4 February 2013

whatya mean i need to lose 600 points off the army...sobs

Ok so i went back to the drawing board on the army as a whole after finding out that the local tournament scene runs at 2400 points. There is no point playing above that as both myself and my partner would like to eventually try the tourny scene.

So after much to-ing and fro-ing i have trimmed the list down to 2400 points exactly.


Arch Lector, fpa, shield, talisman of protection, Warrior Bane (Joins halbediers)

Wizard Lord lvl 4 with dispel scroll (joins hand gunners)


Witch Hunter with paired pistols

Master Engineer

Captain, BSB, FPA, Shield, Great weapon (joins great swords)


39 Halbediers, shields, full command
5 man archer detachment
8 Knights, musician
10 handgunners


Great Cannon
Great Cannon
29 Greatswords, full command, Standard of discipline.
5 man archer detachment
5 Demigryphs, full command, Gleaming Banner

Celestial Hurricanum
Hellblaster Volleygun.

Please feel free to comments and leave feedback on the list. I think i may go grey and senile before this list is right sigh