Sunday, 24 February 2013

Been a while

As the title says, it has indeed been a while.

In my previous post i was talking about us trying to adopt a gsd named Ellie, our approval was though but we had to wait for a final nod.

Well as the time between posts probably indicates, we got a yes and we have spent the last 2 weeks settling our gorgeous new addition into the family. What a beautiful, wonderful dog she has turned out to be.
Hand on heart she hasn't given us a single reason to regret adopting her and is everything we hoped for and more.

Here she is, posing it up in the woods a few days ago!

Aside from that the hobby has ground to a halt. Not through anything other than a lack of time due to work and settling Ellie in.

I have managed to acquire the Sigmar series of books and must say, 100 pages in, its awesome and well worth the read.

I have also nailed down the paint scheme for the empire army. Altdorf it will be, i have all the paints and will soon set about the models i have with brush and gusto.

So that's the little and late update.

Enjoy your evening :)