Wednesday, 6 February 2013

What once was..wont be again.

Strange days and endless waves....

Got approved to adopt our doggie today :) then got told the need to check with the rescue centre if it would be ok for the dog to be left home alone for a whopping 4 hours one day a week. Sigh  :( so back to waiting another 24-48 hours for an answer.

But another few hours of painting pondering and general hobbying. It's kinda addictive this stuff.

The post title says it all. I tried to recreate the colouring i got on my empire test mini, on the witch hunter I'm working on. F.A.I.L.
If' it's going to be that difficult to pull off then the main army scheme needed reviewing. After pondering reikland or hochland. I settled on Hochland, though it wont be 100% set in stone until some basic models are painted up.

But without much he is.

Sebastien Von Reinstag (very much a wip)

Aside from a little work on the above model. Inspiration via outside sources struck like a hammer blow. I have an itch to make a gaming board....of an empire village square.
Cobbled road sections, a main central feature with a few of the local houses and buildings dotted about. Open enough to allow for a game of warhammer, fair enough to be fun.

Initial inspiration credit goes to the guys at

That's pretty much it for tonight.