Saturday, 2 February 2013

For the empire.....errr again mk2

So after some helpful feedback via the empire forums and twitter, i made some changes to the list. I still get to keep the lovely warrior priest, he just gets a pimped out ride lol

I was thinking about dropping the great swords to free points up for the arch lector and running something like this.


Arch Lector, armour of meteroic iron, talisman of protection, sword of swift slaying, shield
War alter, horn of sigmusund.

Wizord lord, lvl 4, dispel scroll, Lore of light
Luminark of Hysh


Captain of the empire
FPA, Shield, bsb with war banner.

Witch hunter, brace of pistols, ring of volans (fire)

Master engineer, light armour.


10 Hand gunneRS
10 Handgunners
39 Halberdiers, shields, full command, joined by Bsb. 5 man crossbow detatchment.
40 Swordsman, Full Command. 5 man crossbow detatchment.
12 Knights, full command.

Great Cannon
Great Cannon
6 Demingryphs, full command, lance/shield
5 Outriders

Hell Blaster Volley Gun

The general idea being that the war alter sits between the halbediers and swordsmen and uses prayers to aid both. The knighs and demigryphs deploy either on each flank or in response to opposing units of threat. Cannons pair up protected by a unit of hand gunners, hellblaster goes to anchor a flank and is babysat by other handgunners. Witch hunter wanders alone if suitable or joins swordsman for a ride. Luminark deploys beside either of the main blocks depending on opposing warmachines.

Thoughts on the changed list more than welcome.