Sunday, 13 January 2013

Tiny steps in the right direction.

We are all hobbyists in one way or another.
Whatever you do as a hobby makes you one.

Me I'm a geek..a wargamer. Bah so sue me lol.

But today i suffered that horrifying moment of geekdom.

No UNDERCOAT! omg the worlds gonna end. Well if you have seen the panic buyers around here, at the mere mention of a few cm's of snow, you sure would believe it.

But anyways, a few excuses later, a short train journey as there is no such thing as a local game store here in Norfolk UK...and i had replenished the supply. Yay.

So scroll time forward a few hours...and I'm now staring blindly at 40...yes 40 skaven that stare back with beady little black eyes.

It's a start and 1 step close to achieving the 'minimum of one box set a month painted. Huzzah! 2013 the year of the leaner, meaner (not so greener) painting machine.

Just remember folks...when you hear that pitter patter of tiny feet scurrying along the floor and pipes...that could be me and my skaven coming to get you.

Squeak squeak