Wednesday, 16 January 2013

And so it begins in ernest.

Well I'm sat here freezing my a$$ off and stiff as a plank. -10 snow on the ground and a rather unhealthy decision to rejoin the gym, followed by the insanity that is body combat does that too you.

But I am midway through a rather enjoyable week off work....and that has meant (besides freezing and aching)....Hobby time.

I mentioned a post or 2 ago that i had agreed to a challenge with my better half, to paint at least a box set a month... and i am indeed on course for month 1. It might sound small, but anyone knowing me or having seen the chop and change on the blog will know...a few days with a single army is actually an achievement for me lol.

So where am i at.
Well they say a picture is better than words
so here goes.

Now i know its not a lot, it's merely the basecoats on the robes, but when done on 40 models it a pretty decent hobbytime and progress. Hoping to get some more done this evening....if i survive my 3rd appointment to fine tune my gym routine with an instructor.

A very sore and cold Demeneted Wargamer saying bye for now.