Thursday, 17 January 2013

Fur will fly

Another day another furball sigh....
Painting didn't really go to plan, but i can blame that on the gym instructor and having to drag a 6 year old back and forth across town (about 3 miles) on a sledge.

However I have been toying and tinkering in battlescribe to work out an army list and today inspiration hit and i have a list and some basic brace yourself for what will probably be the worst list seen in the under empire lol.

Clan Ikit skrakit

Somewhere in the darkness of the under empire a little known skaven has slowly been climbing the ranks, through stealth, guile and a good dose of back stabbing Ikit skrakit has slowly risen to prominence with his clan. Now a warlord in his own right, Ikit has begun to move against the enemies of the skaven. Courting the dubious aid of both clan skyre and clan pestillence Ikit is ready for war.

Ikits rise to power has been nurtured by a grey seer known only as 'the shadowed one'. At times providing a gentle word and at others a force full shove, the shadowed one has guided Ikit along the many treacherous paths to becoming warlord. Little else is known of this dark elusive seer.

As is the way of life in skaven society, success is observed from afar by the 'council of thirteen' and Ikit Skrakit is no different. though he firmly believes he is below the gaze of the council, the truth is he couldn't be more wrong.
His ambition is clear, his ability obvious and his guiding hand, though unseen is known. The council know all and they watch Ikit with hooded eyes. Paranoia is as always rife and under the orders of the council a clan eshin adept has been dispatched with simple orders. Protect Ikit for now, but should his ambitions rise higher then he is to be eliminated in the most creative way.

That thus far is the fluff i have to back my reasons for army choice. I hope it is up to standard.

As to the army list...its as follows.


The Shadowed One (Grey Seer) 285pts
Additional warpstone token, Skalm

Ikit Skrakit (Warlord) 183pts
War-litter, shield, sword of anti heroes,Dragon Helm, Talisman of protection

Skrak Backstabber (assassin) 129pts
Tail Weapon

Skit Skarit (chieftan) 122pts
Bsb, Shield, Storm Banner

Bilus Poxridden (plague priest) 259pts
Flail, Ironcurse Icon, Plague Furnace (Pox bringer)

Ferik Frazzlefur (warlock engineer) 85pts
Warp energy condenser, Lvl 1 wizard


Skits Skurriers 275pts
38 clanrats with shield/spear full command. Joined by bsb and grey seer.
Poisoned Wind Mortar

Skreezulz Backstabbers 265pts
40 clanrats Hand weapon/shield with full command.
Poisoned Wind Mortar

The despicables 74pts
36 skaven slaves with musician

The worthless ones 74pts
36 skaven slaves with musician

Litterhood of Ikit 350pts
35 Storm Vermin, shields, full command, Razor banner
Ikit and skrak join.


Snatz Throatslitters 90pts
5 Gutter Runners with poisoned attacks/slings

Preachers of the pox 230pts
25 Plague monks full command, plague banner


Mozgats Manthing Mangler 150pts
Skaven doom wheel

Glarak One Eye 250pts
Hell pit abomination with warpstone spikes

Snatz Sparkler 90pts
Warp Lightning Cannon

Furgats Furfryer 90pts
Warp Lightning Cannon

Lords/heroes 1062pts
Core 1038pts
Special 320pts
Rare 580pts

Model count
228 Infantry, 2 weapon teams, 3 war machines, 1 monster, 1 Mounted character

So there we have it, some fluff and a list. Which means inspiration and some sort of purchase idea!