Friday, 4 January 2013

Happy new year

Well first off let me welcome you all to 2013 by saying Happy new year to each and everyone of you.

It's strange the turning of a new year, sometimes it's a good thing after a bad year, sometimes it's sad as you say goodbye to a good year.
For me it was mixed, but it wasn't great.

The upside was getting off the unemployment line and back into work and then securing more hours for this year.

But it was also lacerated by failings and knock backs.
Hobby wise there were several starts to projects that just got bogged down and died.
Health wise, most of the year was good but xmas and new year saw everyone in this house struck down ill, add on the ever expanding waist line ( a downside of working on a deli in sainsburys) and even more diminishing energy levels.

Everything else in life has trundled along at a normal rate.
Lets not talk about my beloved football team and their inability to win away, and very rarely at home in 2012.

So what to do, 2013 is here and in truth several aspects of life need a kick up the arse!
Well i cant do nothing about the footy team and indeed in their first game of 13 they stepped up and beat the champions of Europe in their own stadium!

Health wise.
I have had to face it, 3 jean sizes ain't funny. But then i have gone from someone who used to play 11 aside football, play paintball and tournament level and serving in the territorial something of a couch potato. Footy and paintball are a no no now days as the knees have informed me i am....past it. So it looks like a return to the sweatbox, beastings box that some call....a gym. God help me. So that's now been signed up for.

The hobby.
I'm not going to make any excuses like work etc as i had 8 months of nothing. I do believe the gained weight knocked my energy levels and that accounts for a little of my lack of drive.
But the majority has been a case of mistakes, good intentions going wrong and just plain bloody minded taurean mentality. Many projects were done because i wanted to even though i knew they would fail...and fail they have.
So how to address this.
Well Myself and my other half Carol, Have laid down a simple challenge. A minimum of 1 boxed set per month to be purchased built and painted. You can do more, as much as you want to. But you MUST complete that 1 box.
She is going to carry on with her ever growing Tomb Kings army. Me well I'm going to start from scratch...With....skaven.
Yes those wiry little rat men.
Why you ask? there are so many of them, its such an expensive army etc etc.
I know all of this and i don't know the real answer, all i can say is they appeal. Its a zany, crazy and very much a non-serious army that still has the ability to win....or wipe itself out.
There is something sinisterly amusing about a weapons team sighting up a unit in combat, letting rip and then realising those were skaven running about screaming.

So that's the plan, something fun, crazy and a bit wacky and warped. Its kinda like me, only i don't like frying my own.

At this point i would like to give a bit of a shout out to 'Firestorm Games'. Purely for their speed of service. I ordered 2 boxes of clanrats yesterday at 8am, by 4pm they had been posted. A pretty expedient service considering the time of year.

So that's it for now, I'm sure more posts will follow as i rave and rant about lists, colour schemes and general madness. Oh and also expect to see some of 'gamesmistress's(carols) work on hear, as she would like to share her month on month progress via the blog too.