Wednesday, 7 November 2012

What a difference a day makes.

That about sums it up in a nutshell really.

Today the world looks on as Obama take office as US president again. For me the right choice as Mitt the tit just didn't seem 'credible' and was creepy as hell. Much like our own overfiend here in the UK Cameron.

Today as a football (soccer to the Americans out there) fan i look over my club and sing 'we're not bottom of the league' and pray the small step up a place is the first of a climb to safety.

Today as a hobbyist.
Well that's the most important part for me. In the most unusual turn of events i actually woke up feeling enthused and positive about the hobby for the first time a really long time. Praise be the dwarf king eh.

Last night saw me feverishly trying to dismember my thumb as i cleaned up a box of Dwarf Warriors. God only knows how someone who spends his spare time hobbying, works with a meat slice during the day and appears to be mildly accident prone, still has TWO pose able that kitties!

Amongst all this positiveness there is a glimmer of insanity. It involves ideas of a rather angry and rage filled dwarf king atop his shield bearers. It's an image i just cant shake and may well try to put into action for my lord choice in the dwarven throng...i said THRONG you filthy minded maggots. (yeah i made that mistake a few times too lol)

Today i have set some aims to achieve.
1)- Undercoat and start painting the dwarf warriors.
2)- Watch Prometheus
3)- Play some Borderlands (yeah the 1st one..I'm a little behind the times)
4)- Drink enough tea to sink a battleship.

1 is about to happen. 2 is a plan for this evening. 4 is well underway and 3 depends on me surgically removing the xbox controller from my fiancees hands. She will deny being addicted to the game. Well its been in the house 3 days. I have a single solitary hours game comparison she is into her 13th as we speak...type...eeeer blog. Oh whatever!

On a final note for now. If you enjoy a good comedy, love a few puns and  lot of bad language. I highly recommend watching the movie 'Paul'. I honestly haven't laughed so much in a long time.

That says it all about the movie