Saturday, 3 November 2012

and the world is woe

Oh look it's a post...yup been a tad on the slow side on the blog.....ok ok...there has been more life in the recently deceased.

But today's post is more of a rant slash whine. Or simply put...the woes of a wargamer.

I have been at this hobby for over 25 years. Owned just about every army gw have produced, and tried a few other games along the way. But over the last couple of years i have found myself slowly sliding down a slope of despair.
It all started when i took up Malifaux. I took the game up as the card mechanic was 'new' and the models screamed 'best painting level'. For a long while it provided a refreshing challenge. But it came a cost, i couldn't paint a normal army as i couldn't escape the 'best painting level' mentality. This in turn frustrated the living hell out of me. Trust when i say i have a room full of 'bit armies'. Projects that i started with the best intention and then lost interest in when i couldn't reach the painting level i wanted.

Eventually and after many hours of struggle i broke the habit and can say I'm fairly happy to set an 'army' standard and character standard for my painting.
There is of course a but....

Somewhere along the way i seem to have become something of a 'jaded wargamer'. By this i mean enthusiasm and interest has waned.  I personally don't know why, whats caused it or how to address it.
I have tried to think of the cause to no avail. No matter how much the start of a project may enthral me, it never goes further than a few weeks at best.

Despair is upon me and i turn to you my fellow gamers and ask your thoughts and advice.

The option to diversify into other games extends only to my fiancee and fellow gamer. The rest of the local community of 40k only.

My commitment to the hobby is something that wont wane even though my project interest does. As for the hobby seriousness.

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