Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Hammers, War and Anvils. With a dose of eight legged freaks

Today i unveil my grand master scheme to recharge my hobby batteries.

As some of you know i have really been suffering from a lack of drive and enthusiasm lately and i struggled to pin down why.
After talking to some people and a bit of soul searching i think simply put. I am 40k'd out. I may be wrong but it's the most logical explanation for the last 2 years of struggle.

How to address this...game change.
I would have loved to explore Flames of war, warmahoardes, dystopian or 1 of the variety of other games out there. Alas the local community is pretty barren. Maybe when i win the lotto and open a wargames store up here in the grim dark of north Norfolk i can change that. But for now my plans to take over the world must wait. (can i hear brain asking 'what are we gonna do tonight pinky?')

So the choice pretty much makes itself. Warhammer Fantasy Battle.
Up until 1996 i was a pretty avid WFB player and had amassed a might host of the sons of ulthuan. 10,000 points to be precise. But i moved house...and a misunderstanding (read- ignorance that lead to the box labelled 'fragile' being placed under all the heaviest items) lead to that 10k of elves being squashed flatter than snotling under the tread of imperator titan.
Time passes, wounds scab over and a brief foray back with the elves never worked out.
More time passes.
Burn out arrives in my hobby mind and here i am today.

There have been stoic moments and crazy gibbering maniac moments. Neither strong enough to win and only one plausible answer.
A return to the old world with 2 armies.
The first in the shape of a few hundred pounds of muscle, wrapped in armour and coated in beard. Yup i will embark on journey of the dwarves. This is to exercise my need for a challenging and tactical force.
The second..which involves a lot and maniacal cackling and a fair dose of arachnophobia...is a goblin army. Mounted on spiders. Yes i mean EVERYTHING.

So thats the plan, in en effort to rejuvenate my flagging 40k levels I'm taking a break from it and working on WFB. This should work well as carol (my better half and fellow wargamer) is currently working on a tomb kings army.

Well here's hoping anyways.