Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Winter is TANKS

After deliberating and pondering and much chewing of finger nails.I made the decision to try the winter wash look on my German Panther Tank for the TANKS game.

Bearing in mind that i was already happy with the look, it was a big step.
I hadn't ever tried to winter wash a model before and the whole experiment was very much a case or fall and could easily have resulted in the destruction of a model.


Aside from possibly adding in some snow build up along the tracks and running gear (not sure if it actually needs it), i personally think the model looks done and pretty good.

For those not up to speed on the winter wash...let me explain......
Wavey flash back images with 40's music.....

Its winter 1944, the allies and Germans are duking it out in Europe. Tanks stalk each other across snow covered fields and dark greens and camouflage. Sadly this is well suited to the verdant greens of summer/autumn Europe.

As you can imagine..sitting atop a dark green tank in a field of white a bit of a give away.

So both the allied and axis forces tried to camouflage there tanks. In general the technique was to use a white wash paint. Water soluble and roughly applied with brushes, brooms, mops and rags.
The idea was that as winter wore on, the paint would wear away and save repainting again for the spring and summer.
A great idea....
Only, that winter wash...wore off a bit easier and tended to expose the paint underneath if it came into contact with pretty much anything....bushes, trees etc. So in many reference pics, the paint is either non existant or heavily worn.

And this is the look i wanted.
Wavy wooshey flash back to current times.

With this in mind i present my attempt...

Pre winter wash

Post wash

And thats..the job almost complete