Sunday, 10 July 2016

TANKS! The germans are coming

So this...would appear to be post 101.
A mini milestone in many ways and a number synonymous with ww2.

But unlike a certain division, this ones looking at my one German tank for the TANKS game.
That tank is the Panther (i do have the jagdpanther hull, but for now its the panther that's on the go).

Although i have painted a fair few ww2 models over time...nothing has ever been of the German armoured variety. With their approach to camouflage, this provides a unique challenge and something new to try.

When i initially built and planned the model out, i was thinking about doing my Germans in a 'winter' theme. That means all the work of camo followed by plenty of white wash.
But like any good plan...this ones hitting a speed bump. That speed bump is liking the look and being uncertain about white washing a model that i am already fairly happy with.
The woes of a wargamer eh.

I guess a nights sleep might help guide the decision.
For's some pics.