Friday, 12 October 2012

to coin a phrase

Pun most definitely intended.....

So for me my involvement in this #forgeworldonly project begins at an awkward time as its 1 week in from payday and 3 weeks until my next one. I only get part time hours so what little went into the bank was soon gobbled up on bills and the impending visit to my youngest daughter in London...shouldn't be too painful unless you know the truth...she wants to go to hamleys. Oh my wallet just died a little more.

Why should i mention this first...well as can be most people at this time of year..trying to place a forge world order would at first be met with much merriment and then laughter before a final sarcastic 'declined' from the bank. So something needed doing....sell models, plausible. Sell interesting option. Sell fiancee....oh s**t she's reading this lol. Nope my approach..get very enthusiastic and frustrated.

It was at this point my *not for sale* fellow wargamer and fiancee asked how much i wanted to get started on the army. Now this would normally send shivers of terror down the spine of even the most stalwart and dependable of men and it did in me....what was she scheming... thoughts of washing up mountains, diy, even more amorous and adult favours started to play through my deluded mind.....some were interesting...but we wont go there.

But nope none of these were her concern. She just wanted the rather warped and twisted individual who was driving her nuts to stfu. Fair point i suppose.

And it is here my fellow wargamers that my pain and suffering for my hobby began again.

Innocently...if any female can ever be accused of doing anything 'innocently' she pointed out the rainy day fund. (now the rainy day fund is a coffee tin that we put any loose change in ranging from 1p to 20p pieces). My initial reaction was to dismiss the idea...after all it cant be that much can it. But she persisted and after a while i gave in and agreed to heft the tin and count it.
Heft it you ask....this is no ordinary coffee tin. Its the canteen sized one that holds about 750grams of coffee and is the size of a small bucket.
This mere act nearly gave me a hernia, iiiiiinnnnteresting there maybe plausibility in the idea.
The tin was upended and an avalanche capable of burying a small child began.....and carried on and on.
About here i wondered at the sanity of the idea...a sea of copper and silver pooled in front of me. But with resignation i began to count, still dubious of the required target of £40.
Much counting, some giggling and a far bit of ouching about being slumped over the floor like some deranged 'Jacob Marley' followed until


The sum total of coins stood like some madman inspired Aztec maze.
It was here the awful truth dawned.....we had no money bags and in the early morning a small child could easily strike and ruin the aforementioned madmans city.

Now how many of us have those little plastic freezer bags in the house? Because they were our saviour.

Much bagging ensued and with the aid of google to remind us of how much went into a money bag, we set to task and then ran out of freezer bags....why life whhhhhy do you bring so much despair unto me......whhhhy cough cough.

Depositing the remainder (about £15) back into the tin we set about going McScrooge and counting the bags up......£60....yeah you read that right....sixty frickin quid in change. Oh My giddy good god.
It was about here i made some silly tweets late last night and went to bed with thoughts of drop troopers in my head.

A quick dash to the bank for money bags after work followed on and then....pain.
£60 in loose change apparently has a bit of weight to it. Carrying that weight for a twenty minute walk apparently isn't conducive to good back care. I know this now it seems. Ce la vie.

The money went into the bank much to the disgust of the poor clerk and forgeworld are processing my order and here's the proof

I bid you all goodnight and beware...the elysians have begun marching to war