Sunday, 21 October 2012

The best laid plans of mouse and men.

Well i should have seen it coming but i didn't. That's life eh.
 I sit here writing this post at 1:18am and thinking its decided. 3 attempts in my hobby life have been made to create a suitable airborne army and 3 attempts have met with failure. This leads me to believe the project is to coin a phrase 'cursed'.
To sum up simply...i just didn't get on with the elysian models and losing an arm didn't help. This is by no means forge worlds fault. Sometimes things just don't go according to plan and all we can do is step back, breath and move on.

Back at the beginning of #forgeworldonly i had to choose between Krieg and Elysia. My desire to do an airborne army took me to elysia when my instincts said Krieg.
Due to the failure I'm falling onto my instincts and switching projects to Death Korps of Krieg. Visually i love the models and have painted a Heavy Stubber team which will be the basis for my first painted model, the colour scheme and my basing style for the army. Lists, fluff etc will follow as i get to grips with the change in direction.

But for now enjoy the Single painted model for my Krieg army.

Building the base up

From the outset i wanted my Krieg to be 'in theatre' in the trenches and getting down to the business of putting xenos and heretics to death. With this in mind i want the heavy weapon team to appear more 'dug in'. So i set about building the base up.

Here you can see the parts needed. The base has been 'muddied up' using wall filler/Spackle and i have made some milliput sand bags to build the position up. Alongside it you can see the bits of the weapon team

Here it is dry fitted together to get the lay out

Bringing it to life

I didn't want a new of the production line look for the krieg. I'm an utter newb to weathering so this should be an interesting challenge.
I started of by painting the base up, i had made some 'tracks' from the weapon being rolled into place (these are barely visible in the above pics).

I then set about painting the crew and weapon and then attacked the whole thing with a tamiya mud weathering stick.
Here in all its glory is the 'almost' finished project. I need to tidy up the base edges and hit it with some varnish. But aside from that its pretty much done.

It is by no means gold demon standard, but overall I'm happy with the look and feel of the team. Feel free to offer praise/critique either here or over on twitter via @ghostwalker0299