Wednesday, 10 October 2012

A new beginning

Oh so where to start...
Hopefully the blog name tells you i really don't take myself seriously. But i guess i should go back to the beginning.
There was a mummy and a daddy and they... well yeah you probably know that bit already.

Well the basics. About 25 years ago i wandered into Games Workshop Shepherd Bush and my fate was sealed. I became a hobbyist. In those years i have had a lot of highs and lows within the hobby and life. I wont bore you with the life stuff because lets face it....oi wake up and stop yawning... <<that happens.

But hobby-wise i have played everything from 40k - malifaux - flames of war. Loved some games, hated others and seen a lot fall by the wayside and this blog will be about bits and pieces of those game, but mostly it will be about my #forgeworldonly project.
Over the years i have been an avid Space Wolf player, i have flitted with guard, eldar, nids, orks...ah sod it...just about every race known to the imperium. My biggest achievement? The entire 1st company of the Dark angels. Yup all 100 terminators, characters, 10 dreads, raiders and even a thunderhawk.
I think the Wolf inside got a bit miffed as those girls in skirts got exiled to e-bay.
I guess the easiest thing to bring to the table though is why?
Well it all started over the weekend. I was happily browsing the Chaos codex and had paid a visit to twitter to gauge reactions. That was my first mistake. Noticing the hash tag #forgeworldonly was my second. My biggest failing. Giving into temptation and getting involved.
 Now I'm a self confessed hobby butterfly (i flit from project to project and never settle) i also suffer ADOS (attention deficit oh shiny) syndrome (this i blame entirely on her majesties armed services and my 6 years as a Royal Green Jacket light infantryman). So why get involved.

In truth it was the idea to create something different and unique. An army made entirely of Forge world models with nothing from other sources (unless FW don't make it).
The cost...well that's a big ouch as to be expected from ForgeWorld, but this is where one of the 'tweaks' of the project come on.
You can only purchase one unit at a time, it has to be fully painted and based before you can purchase another. This little nugget makes the idea manageable for those non-lotto winners amongst us.
It also addresses a problem that's surfaced in my hobby life of late.
A couple of years back i got into Malifaux (a real painters wargame) and stepped my painting up to make everything as good as it could be. That's fine over 5 or 6 model crews, but it doesn't work on an army wide basis. It's taken me a year and a lot of failed projects to get that into my Demented Wargame mind. But at last it's sunk in. There is a happy medium and i plan to exploit that on this army.

So that's the basics of what this blog will be about. The ramblings, musings, trials and successes of an ageing wargamer trying to make ends meet whilst developing a good looking and functional army.

Oh...what army i hear you ask.
Well that's easy. Elysian drop troopers. Details will follow.